Long time, no.....reveal!

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  1. Lovely-so exciting to have a new bag :happydance:
  2. Just in time.:P

    Looks lovely and so pleased you came back with something.:yahoo:
  3. Can we see a full frontal? Maybe a little modelling shot too?
  4. OK here in all it's glory! :yahoo:

    Thanks lovely ladies for all the guesses and for being patient whilst I got my camera up & running :biggrin:

    And well done LMM for being so smart ;)

    Attached Files:

  5. FABULOUS bag fuzzy! x
  6. What a gorgeous colour.:love:

    What was the other small item, I couldn't tell.:shrugs:
  7. Ondrea, I can't do modelling shots now, I'm in tracksuit bottoms and tshirt and look dreadful!!

    I might do some tomorrow :smile:
  8. Cancel the above, I have just enlarged it and now I can see what it is, doh!!:shame:
  9. Yay - go me! I never normally get them so I am dead chuffed :biggrin::biggrin:

    The ink blue is gorgeous .. shame mine has gone to hospital :sad:
  10. Fabulous Fuzzy - well worth the bun fight I should say :tup:
  11. Omg! Lovely daria!!! Now we need modelling piccys!!!
  12. Oo it's beautiful, congrats I have never seen one irl I have no idea how I spend enough time in mulberry lol enjoy it's gorgeous
    Well done lmm great guess
  13. What a lovely Coloured Daria I have not seen one in real life but definately worth a look on the TPF Outing
  14. Ah gorgeous, Fuzzy! I've always loved ink - it's one of the "seasonal" colours that will really last, IMO. Congrats!

    (P.S. Ondrea, I've just been browsing your albums - Whow!)
  15. GORGEOUS bag, fuzzy! I love the colour. :love:

    Can't wait for your modeling pics.