Long time, no.....reveal!

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  1. A bag and a box, Bag with matching Purse?
  2. Carousel horse keyring??
  3. Ladies ladies, you're all so wrong!

    OK I can't do a hint of the small thing so here it is....

    And any more guesses on the large item??

    Attached Files:

  4. Ink Alexa?
  5. hmm something blueberry??????
  6. Looks blueberry to me too pom pom keyring Is lovely
  7. Blueberry drew clipper?
  8. Thats an ink Daria!!
  9. Could it possibly be a drew? Love the little pom pom I looked at those last time as well really cute!
  10. No alexa, not blueberry!

    Ink is right..... and LMM could well be correct!

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  11. I had not thought daria could it be?
  12. Woo! Daria drawstring tote in Ink!! :yahoo:

    I recognised the leather more than the colour!!

    Congrats - love your goodies!!

    PS - Told you I was right ;)
  13. Daria wow well done LMM
  14. :yahoo:
  15. What a beauty congrats.