Long time, no.....reveal!

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  1. Well, not a proper big reveal anyway :biggrin:

    Any guesses?

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  2. I'm here!
  3. :yahoo: The time has come...
  4. It's a bag :biggrin: I win!!
  5. It looks like quite a big bag actually!
  6. I am here now too!

    Guessing: Another Bays?
  7. Is it a luggage bag?
  8. Strip!
  9. How about a printed east west bays that would be what I would struggle to leave in Bicester if I had been lucky enough to of gone today.
  10. Well done LMM, genius! :P

    No it's not a bays, e/w bays, or travel bag...

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  11. I'm curious:smile:
  12. Mabel bag, a keyring, a purse.....??
  13. Roxanne?
  14. and I'm rubbish at guessing but I'll say something green..
  15. Roxy?