Long time, no reveal: Lover's clutch -Black Snake Gunmetal HW (lots of modeling pics)

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  1. Hello girls!

    I havent posted here (or in any other subforum) for ages... Running has kept me very busy (hence my bank account is a bit healthier than it used to be a year ago)...

    I recently received my Lover's Clutch in Black Snake with Gunmetal HW from the SO.

    I am very pleased with this clutch. She is big enough to be used during daytime. In fact, i took her out for a spin to drive the children to school today. I was by far the most glamorous mom in the facilities ;)

    This clutch looks awesome with dressier outfits... I cant wait to take her out at night...

    The thready necklaces are necklushes, my fav complement at the moment. They complement most outfits and give them a different touch. A necklush is "a handmade accessory developed by Stephano Diaz and Troy Mattison Hicks in Brooklyn NY".

    Here are some pics with casual outfits...

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  2. Some more pics...

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  3. A couple in a dressier outfit and that's all, folks...

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  4. I just commented in the other thread... It looks great on you! I like the way you showed the versatility with your different outfits. I just recently got an LC and I really like it! :tup:
  5. Thanks, knasarae... I think i may *need* another one in leather soon... This clutch is truly unique...
  6. Hi Maria! You look great, glad to see you here again!
  7. Hi Maria! You certainly are the most glamorous mom in the carpool lane! Good to "see" you!
  8. wowww great modeling pics of your awesome Lovers Clutch, maria! :tup:
  9. Two thumbs up :tup::tup:!! You look fantastic... I like the way you showed it can be more casual and not just a going out bag... Congrats!
  10. Thanks for the mod pics, mariadbc! And I'm so diggin the necklushes...next on my list.
  11. Thanks, girls. I am so happy with this clutch!

    GelTea... Necklushes are amazing. They are so easy to wear and they match most colours regardless their shades. I have never had so many people compliment me on any accesory as with my necklushes. They are very reasonably priced as well. I hope to get several full-sized ones for fall-winter... BTW, There are regular sales, like every other month... You can join them on FB to get discount codes.
  12. ^Thanks. :flowers:Going to join them on FB right now....
  13. le sigh this is gorgeous! I started running too!
  14. Very nice :yes:
    I have been considering a Lover's clutch for a while, but keep talking myself out of it because I don't know when I could find the occasion to wear it. Now I'm wondering if I should try a glazed black. :thinking:
  15. Looks amazing. I have always wondered about this bag but I too do not have much occasion to use it. I am more casual!!