Long time no chat...

  1. Hello! I have been gone for a couple of weeks on vacation so I have been a little out of the loop, and now I have a couple of issues:

    First, I just got of the plane a few hrs ago and realized that Kim from BalNY had called me 2 days after I left to tell me my Violet City was ready...ugh....I dunno if I will have to get back on the waiting list or does anyone know if they're in stock now?

    Second issue is that EVERY SINGLE tassle in my Aquamarine split!!! Whats up with that? I kind of like the extra tassle look but I am wondering if its too much tassle. Does anyone have all their tassles split?

    And by the way while I was gone I also got engaged :yahoo:

    I am glad to be back!
  2. whOOOOo hOOOO cOngrats POLOS26 on your engagement!!!!! How exciting!!! Would you like to share the details...:p CONGRATS!!! u must be on cloud 9 :yahoo:

    oH, yah.... welcome back to tpf!!! did you take ur aqua w/ you? and the split while you were on vacation? or were they naturally starting to split?
  3. Congrats on the engagement! That is so exciting!
  4. OMG!!!! CONGRATS on your engagement!!! that is so exciting!! :dothewave:
  5. Yay! Congrats on your engagement :drinkup:
    Sorry about your tassels - I've never had all of them split just one. Hope you still have the spares.
  6. OMG, Congrats on your engagement :yahoo::wlae::drinkup: Cheers for the engagement. You need to contact Kim about your LE Magenta, if you already filled in the paperwork, you should be set and just let her know that you are back and want your bag. Ask her to send a flawless bag, I have several noticeable scratches on the bag.
  7. :drinkup:Congratulations on your engagement!!
  8. CONGRATS on your engagment!!!!:party:
  9. Hi polos congrats on the engagement!! :wlae:

    also ALL my aquamarine tassles split. i just glued them back together with (pvc) leather glue. left them for a day.......................they are fine now. i prefer them this way :tup:
  10. Thanks!

    I might try gluing them back together its an excellent idea (why didn't I think about that?)
  11. Oooooo polo's many congratulations on your engagement - such exciting news.
  12. I can tell you that we were in beautiful Croatia on a Rocky beach over looking at the Adriatic. It was so romantic, here is a pic of the "proposal location"


  13. nice!!! congrats on your engagement:drinkup:

    my tassels on my Jaune Work are starting to split...brand new.....you can see them swelling up....puffy like.......those are the spares....the ones on the bag are great!!!!!!
  14. OMG, this is so romantic, polos26! CONGRATULATIONS ON YOUR ENGAGEMENT! U're a very lucky lady!:party:
  15. AWWwWW...what KODAK moment... :tender: You guys look so cute together. Beautiful sunset, and what a romantic spot! cOngrats again~!