Long-time lurker "comes out!"

  1. Hello everyone! So after over a year of being a lurker, I thought it was time for me to introduce myself!

    I am currently an eighteen-year-old student in Montreal. I grew up in New Jersey, and while I had mini affairs with quite a few designer brands, I was never really satisfied. I was sixteen when I discovered Hermès and fell madly in love. Anyway, I discovered TPF about and year and a half ago and became a member a year ago, but I was so busy admiring and learning that I never posted!

    Last year I was living far from campus, but this year I live three blocks from the Hermès counter at Holt Renfrew. So I'm hoping this forum can be an outlet for me and stop me from running over there everyday between classes! All of you have certainly increased my love for the brand - thank you all for teaching me so much! :heart:

    And besides, being a lurker made me feel kind of creepy. :sweatdrop:
  2. Welcome!!!
  3. welcome, Kitten!
  4. Welcome to tPF!
  5. Welcome to the Orange Side. Being here will just DRIVE YOU TO YOUR H STORE EVERYDAY!!!!:push:
  6. Thank you, ck21, laralucine, piperlu!

    mrssparkles - Oh gosh, I know. :sos: I almost want it to start snowing now as a deterrent!
  7. Hi Kitten, glad you've come out to play ;). Don't be a stranger.
  8. welcome and dont' be shy here.. the ladies are very friendly and if you need their expertise, very kind to share it..
  9. Welcome!:welcome: Mwahahahahahahahaha!!!!:devil:

    In about a week's time you're going to wonder what you got yourself into. Be it incessant enabling, thread hijacking, RAOK hijinks, we got it all!!!!!!!:yahoo:Oh, and we do love to answer any and all Hermes questions to the best of our abilities.
  10. ^ That's so true HG. Kitten, Orange is dangerous :lol: Welcome and enjoy!
  11. Welcome to your new obsession, Kitten :graucho: Hope your wallet gets used to having an un-repairable hole in it :p
  12. Welcome. I'm still a little shy myself, but learning quickly.
  13. Hi

    I've only just started posting recently myself but boy, what a crowd! :tup: Strikes me that this is a great place to ask, learn, share and enjoy! Keep us posted with your purchases!

  14. Welcome kitten... i too am a lurker i just came out this week and bought my first H bag. I am already dreaming of my 2nd one :nuts:!!! HermesGroupie is right im wondering what i got myself into but i just cant stop:p
  15. WELCOME!!!!! Yes, HGhit the nail straight on the head.....we do it all here.....major hijinx though are our specialty second to the incredible wealth of knowledge that these ladies have about Hermes!!!!!