Long time collectors, do you have bags you use for years?

  1. My wonderful husband just surprised me with the most beautiful gift, and I'm truly appreciative, but I also WORRY. He planned for this purse, budgeted for it, etc, so that's not an issue, but... he got it expecting that I'll use it for basically, the rest of my life as a going out bag... I'm 37, btw.

    It IS my style. It is gorgeous, but is it foolish to think (him or me) that I will still like the same going out bag 20 years from now? I can't stop thinking about that aspect of this bag. I'm a pretty conservative dresser, but like artsy things, so "on the point" fashion is not important to me, lasting elegance is. Anyway, here's the bag.


    The size is 13" by 9" and pretty flat and it's a clutch with a detachable chain. So, it's not just a pretty decoration, but is USABLE too.

    He got it for going out purposes and because soon I'll be a marriage officiant and will need something dressy yet functional...

    So... DO any of you, who have loved bags for decades, have any bags you keep reaching for, even after all this time?
  2. Of course!!!! That's one of the biggest reason I spend so much on my bags because I expect them to last me for years. I'm not an long time collector but my first Coach bag from 6 years ago, I still use.

    That bag is GORGEOUS by the way. Your husband is fabo for having such good taste. :tup: It's very classy and will last you through the years. Wear it in good health and congrats!!
  3. Who makes that? Its gorgeous?!!!!
  4. It's the Jimmy Choo Carolina oversized pouch. It's in eel skin. kind of a bronzish metallic eel and espresso brown with gold hardware. He got it, and I saw it at Nordstroms - don't see it online anywhere.
  5. I guess you don't buy a lot of bags, ;)that's why your husband was willing to splurge on something like this just for you! It is a gorgeous bag but IMO, I won't use it on a daily basis. But I think it is a keeper though, for years to come as it is kinda retro/vintage looking style. I'll pass it on to my daughter as part of the 'family heirloom'.:p
  6. My style is very lived-in, so I definitely buy bags with the intention of keeping (and carrying) for quite some time. I like it better when it's clearly a treasured item, though some bags don't weather nearly as well as others.

    Your clutch, I think, is going to look just as nice down the road as it does now, especially since it's such an artsy/eclectic bag.

    Anyways, that's just my two cents. Enjoy!
  7. Oh, no, not a daily bag. He got it for going out and weddings I need to do. And no, I don't buy a lot of bags. Well, I have, but I sell them before getting new again; and well, I never buy new either or if I do, it's TJMaxx or Marshalls!!! He kind of blew me away with this one...
  8. I once had a Sonia Rykiel black, quilted silk evening bag that I used for...25 years...until it finally died. It was simple and that word we hate to use, "classic." But it was black and simple which is why it worked for so long. Your bag is gorgeous...but it is also very "defined." If it were a single color, it might have a longer life in your mind. Can you exchange it for something simpler? Or do you like it? It is entirely possible that you may not like stripes in the future, or the stripes may clash with your outfits. What color dress up clothes do you wear? Does it go with them? Please don't take my words the wrong way...just trying to help. If you don't love it now, you won't love it later...
  9. I had a few Coach leather carryalls that were fantastic for many years and stayed in style with no problem. I try to buy--for the most part--with that in mind even today, although there's no guarantee of what you'll like 20 years from now.

    My DH brought me an LV from Paris when he went this summer, and that's a bag I see passing on down to my daughter someday when she's old enough.

    But not yet. I'm going to use it for years to come first!

    BTW, the bag your husband got is gorgeous.
  10. I LOVE this bag - had never seen it and it wasn't on my radar screen, but he has good taste. He's from Europe and there, it seems, many more people buy VERY expensive things, but keep them FOREVER. They don't have MANY things, but buy the best so that they can expect that money is well spent.

    He has been in the US for 17 years now and he STILL has several items from Europe from before he moved: shirts and sweaters and two leather coats he wears REGULARLY that still look fantastic. They are timeless and will last for at least another 10 years for most of them.

    I think that was also where he was coming from.

    I love stripes and geometrics and the coloring is such that you could wear it with black or brown or silver or gold - anything really. It's just not a spring/summer bag to me, so I guess I'll find something for the summer weddings that will work.. unless I'm wrong in thinking that this is mainly a cooler months bag?
  11. Is your husband Dutch, Swedish or French, they all have those qualities! I agree with the pp about the stripes, I don't know if it's one of those bags that will match anything but it is lovely.
  12. No, he's croatian. He grew up though one block off the center square of the capital city. His family are all doctors and dentists who also teach at the university and there, I'm tellin' ya, people dress to the NINES!!! His aunt (who is still there) is the Burberry queen!!! I remarked on one skirt she has and it's LOVELY and she sighed, "I've had this skirt for 20 years and wear it at least twice a week in fall and winter and it refuses to wear out. I'm just sick of it." And it was CLASSIC and looked like new.

    Well, to be fair, it can't match EVERYTHING, but almost all my going out stuff for the last 15 years (since I've been with him) have been solid colors, no patterns. I wear artsy jewelry to change the look of several classic pieces.
  13. Yes, of course! I have a BV that have been using for years. It's just a great classic bag. I always try to buy bags that I know have some classic elements that will always be in style.
  14. I'm sure he thought carefully about whether it would match your wardrobe, it sounds like it will. Well done on having such a great husband! Yes those Eastern Europeans don't have that throwaway culture we have in the UK and the US, lucky them. I think it's so much nicer to have a few good quality pieces that will last for many seasons than be totally on trend the whole time.
  15. Your evening bag is lovely! I'm sure you'll use it for many years.

    Collections grow over time. I'm 53 and still use Coach bags I bought when I was in my late 20s. I have LVs and a Chanel bag from the 80s, and I don't know how old my black Gucci is, but it's been around nearly forever. When I buy a bag, I use it and keep on using it. Some "nice" or specialty bags last longer because I don't use them as often. Every year, I add another bag or three or four. Not all of them are destined to be regulars; some will be given away. Not every color or style is forever. But there are always those bags that are perfect companions, and those become staples and get used for years.