Long time Chanel owner's (Pre - 2007) - Need Some Advice

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  1. #1 Sep 15, 2010
    Last edited: Sep 15, 2010
    Hi there,

    I would appreciate any honest advice. Need to make a decision quickly. Here's the story:

    I have been a longtime Chanel lover and strangely enough the black medium caviar classic flap has always been absent from my collection. I have classic flaps in many other colors like red, coral, blue, yellow, ecru, etc, etc.......but never felt a need for black (Personally, I'm just a colored flap kinda girl).

    I have watched price increase after price increase go by and still never felt compelled to buy. But THEN we hit this last increase to $3400 and I was kicking myself for never purchasing one.

    So when Bloomies had the 20% off I jumped on it and purchased the blk med caviar flap w/ GHW.

    Then it arrived........:Push:. Now I know the quality has gone down hill (I knew there wouldn't be gold plating), I can live w/ that - BUT, the caviar leather was horrible! I mean when i compare it to my old flaps, it's just lumpy in a weird way and not stiff? :shrugs: Kinda like my 10C red jumbo (but I sucked that up cause I figured it was a seasonal issue and I LOVE THAT RED COLOR).

    I know members who don't have pre- 07 caviar bags probably wouldn't think there was an issue but to me it's so obvious, the quality diff I mean. And the gold chain feels so flimsy and the leather smells - dare I say - like pleather.

    So, here's the question:

    DO I:
    1) Refund it and never have a blk med caviar flap (b/c there's no way in H-LL I'm paying $3400, $4000, $5000 or whatever price Chanel is trying to raise it to soon for a bag I could've bought at 1/2 the price and lose the 20% deal?

    2) Keep it, even though the quality leaves a lot to be desired just to have this classic in my collection?

    For those who may suggest going on ebay for an older bag, I've tried, but those prices are OUTRAGEOUS! Almost retail, if not more in some cases! :shucks:

    Thanks in advance for any input!
  2. Thanks Tokku! How I wish i had purchased the blk med before, now that I have it w/ me I really love the color/style on me :Push:. And I got the 20% which brings it back to $2720. But the quality diff is soooooooo noticeable to me.

    I specifically asked for a older, gold-plated bag but I'm sure those are long gone w/ the rush to buy that was prompted by all these crazy increases. :-s
  3. #3 Sep 15, 2010
    Last edited: Sep 15, 2010
    I feel your pain! I too have never been compelled to get the black cav flap until recently, when the price jumped to $3400. I have been kicking myself for not grabbing one a couple of years ago, when the prices were...dare I say reasonable. I got the black cav Jumbo because I use bigger bags more, it made more sense to get the Jumbo as opposed to M/L.
    Now, my Jumbo is 13X series, and it's SHW(I refuse to buy GHW that's not gold plated)and I don't have any issues with the quality... I love the bag. But it IS softer than my older flaps(8X series~12X series)although it's not flimsy. And the distinct pebbling of caviar leather is definitely there just like the old ones unlike this season's.
    I don't particularly mind it as it's still stiff enough and puffy. And I do actually prefer the rounded CCs to the flat CCs from the past.

    If you're unhappy with the quality, I think you should return it, try to find another with better quality...or older ones that are collecting dust in the stock room. I don't think you should keep it just for the sake of having it in your collection. You won't use it if you're unhappy with it. If you can't find the one that satisfies you, let it go.
    Who knows, if it's meant to be, you will find a perfect black M/L in resale shops:heart:
  4. WatchEbay for an older mint flap...that's your only chance of getting a quality Chanel,sad to say
    Return it,u don't love it and won't wear it.
  5. Return and just get one on ebay or at a consignment store. if you were paying almost retail for one you're not happy with, i don't see why paying retail for one you like would be a problem.
  6. you mean it is not stiff? mine is very structure !....am wondering what kind of caviar on m/l now.

    the only soft caviar is washed one, which I was never liked! it is soft and lighter black.
    As far as gold plate, I like the pale one better. The old gold is too dark for my taste.
  7. I know u're right... sad state of affairs actually - having to go into the resale market to get a quality flap :nogood:.

    If it weren't for the 20% I would return it in a heartbeat. I'm such a sucker :rolleyes:

  8. Hi Ceya, it's not really that its not stiff (though certainly not still as previous caviar incarnations), more so that it's off - u know like a cheating boyfriend - u just know something ain't right :sneaky:.

    Aside from the lack of gold-plating, the hardware on the chain feels somewhat plasticky and unlike my older flaps, does not lie flat (like the links themselves get all mangled).

    The caviar itself looks bumpy, like the ridges/quilting are off. And overall the bag is less stiff than older caviar for sure.

    I don't know, u really have to see the bag in person and as a whole. It's a shell of its former self. It's kinda like those good fakes I saw in Istanbul, good but a little... off :huh:

  9. #9 Sep 16, 2010
    Last edited: Sep 16, 2010
    Hey Tooshie, I know...i know.... most people make the blk caviar med or jumbo their 1st or only chanel and i instead have purchased everything BUT that. i always figured it would always be around. I could have never foreseen Chanel's drop in quality, really.

    I'm curious why u would never get gold hardware that's not gold-plated? Is there smthg I shoudl be aware of?

    Yeah, I just check out ebay again and a lot of the med caviars are newer models and thus, no gold plating and probably the same issues as mine.

    What to do, what to do...

  10. hey gymangel, yeah, I guess ur right, i guess i could possibly stomach paying retail for a BNWT medium of better quality. But it's just the principle of having to pay retail or over for a bag that is readily available in stores and is permanent collection. If it was a LE piece or a sold out rare color I would probably not mind it as much.

    Plus i know some of those resellers (not all) just buy up the bags and jack up the prices.
  11. Return it and go vintage. That's all I'm interested in anymore...
  12. Ya, I did the same thing. I skipped the black cav as I thought it's a classic and will always be around:P Which is why my black cav Jumbo is relatively new to me. I had contemplated on getting it many times in the past, but there were always seasonal ones I had to have before the black cav flap!

    Well, GHW that's not plated could fade in color and it would turn silver-ish. It looks good on matte black reissues, but not on classic flaps IMO.

    Really? I see old ones here and there sometimes on resale sites. Be patient!!!!!!!!!!

  13. OP,

    Is there a way to post of its picture? I would like to see what caviar you are meant.

    it's kind of surprise me when you say it isn't stiff.
  14. I would return it. You are never going to be truly happy with it. It's too much money - with or without the 20% - to spend and not be completely satisfied.
    Then find a previously owned bag that does meet your standards. As long as you are happy with the overall quality of the bag, it does not matter if you purchased it from an ebay seller, Bonz, Malleries, etc. There is a reason that the older, better quality bags sell for near retail - read your own post for the answer! lol! You can't buy them from Chanel anymore, so you don't really have a choice but to look to the secondary market to find exactly what you want.
    Every time Chanel has a price increase, it increases the value of your entire collection as well. It will be money well spent. You will always be able to recoup your investment.
  15. Thanks so much Cyndee! (U have some beautiful bags, might need to migrate there, hehehhe :graucho:)

    I know u're right about vintage. I actually owned a couple pieces and of course without a doubt, the quality was far superior, even to a modern flap before the quality plummeted.

    Can u believe just 2 yrs ago, I passed the chance to buy the Vintage Jumbo XL in lamb for a mere $900?? :wacko: Now they sell for $2000 +.

    I wonder how long Chanel can keep up their cost-cutting, while raising their prices strategy (aka, using cheaper materials and craftsmanship while doubling/tripling prices for a lesser quality product)?

    I guess if u don't have an older piece to compare or $$$ to burn, it doesn't even factor into ur buying decision. And Chanel will always have new customers even if some older ones leave. It's like a revolving door.

    Wonder what happens when all the young Celebs tire of Chanel, move on to smthg else and its no longer the "IT" brand? :supacool:
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