Long term storage?

  1. Say you had to put your Hermes stuff in storage for 6 months to a year (Picotin and scarves)...what is the best way to ensure that they will be protected from moths or anything else damaging? Would you keep them in their boxes??? Use lots of lavendar/cedar???
    Thanks! :flowers:
  2. I would entrust a very good friend to look after the loot you're talking about, crochetbella. :yes: That way, it gets aired and looked after.
  3. Are you planning on renting a storage unit? My DH and I have been talking about doing that, but I wonder how safe that is??
  4. That's a good idea MrsS. Sunny, I am thinking of renting a storage unit for my furniture and household stuff. :yes:
  5. Yes, a friend if possible. I would worry about dampness in a storage facility and possibly, I hate to say it, pests. I know there are places that store furs--maybe they would take your H valuables and store them properly.
  6. Yeah, we are. We are in an apartment and are outgrowing it by the day! There are some that are very safe; you have 2 keys just to get in, so I think they'd be ok??? Good luck!
  7. Maybe a special friend from tPF would keep them for you.
  8. I agree with MrsSparkles and pampered1 ~ find some Trusted soul to place your H things with.
  9. :yes: good idea! I was worried about them not being aired and what that would do!

    :heart: :heart: :heart:
  10. I have the same question as well. What if you had a Kelly and wanted to store it for a FEW years? Sounds strange (who would DO that?), but just throwing it out there. I was thinking I get a bag now to save myself from price increases in the future, but not use it until the future. Ideas?
  11. CB, I would recommend a trusted friend to safe guard your H stuff. This way, the items get aired and you, too, will have a piece of mind :flowers:
  12. Hmmm ... alot of resellers do it ...
  13. CB - be very careful when choosing storage, even for your furniture.

    I stored all my household goods (crystal, dishes, etc.) for a year in a garage-type storage place without thinking it through, never having done this before. It was easy to back up the U-Haul and load/unload the boxes!!

    There was no heat, so things froze and then thawed, and some delicate items cracked. And -- there were "critters". Even though all the clothing was stored with cedar hangers, cedar blocks and sealed in heavy-duty garment carriers, the collar of a Chanel dress was gnawed clear through and I had to scrap it (saving the buttons, of course!). Totally learned my lesson!

    I would only use an inside, climate-controlled storage facility for things like your Hermes collection. Either that, or the home of a friend!
  14. :wtf: Thank you for the info Funny! I've never done this before either so that's good to know!!! :yes: I'm so sorry about your Chanel dress and other stuff. :crybaby:
  15. CB I could house your things for you :yes: Not a problem!!!! Let's talk about it next time we meet, ok?