Long term Marcie owners how has your bag held up?

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  1. No, no issues in any of my Marcies. do you have pics to share?
  2. I've had a medium black Marcie for 3 years and the only issue is a little bit of peeling on the edges of the strap. If it gets worse, I am hoping a leather repair shop can fix it. I've had a medium in tan for 2.5 years and somehow got a mark on the handle, but no other issues. Overall, I really like these bags and use them a lot!
  3. I apologize, I never got a notification that you asked me a question. That blue one is not my Marcie so I do not know. Mine is the off white/pink one in the first photo. I don't even know why I posted a pic of the blue one??? lol
  4. I have a question regarding an older style Marcie I bought on Yoogi's - I know it's off topic, but I don't know where to go for this. I think it's a 2012 Marcie and it looks good except the interior hardware is MUCH shinier than the matte gold exterior hardware. There is also a dimple on each of the snaps on the cell phone pocket that are worrying me. Is this typical wear and tear? Or should I be suspect to its authenticity? Pics below. ImageUploadedByPurseForum1470267397.574547.jpg ImageUploadedByPurseForum1470267409.691800.jpg ImageUploadedByPurseForum1470267420.909403.jpg
  5. Anyone on here have a Mini Marcie crossbody? I found one on ebay with a 2015 date code and the edging is cracking where the flap bends. They said it was only used a few times. What I want to know is if the cracking is typical of use on this style or if the seller is lying about how much they used the bag? I just don't want to spend my money on a new one for this to happen after using it for a week.
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  6. I used to have one but it started cracking so much that I returned it. It was cracked where the flap bends and all along the strap! It was over the course of a year with regular use but I definitely took care of the bag. Chloe offered to repair it but I didn't want to deal with the issue again.
  7. Thanks for your input. What did you end up doing with the bag? Did you sell it? I wonder if they have come up with a solution and fixed this problem on newer models?? I really want this bag!
  8. I returned it to Saks and exchanged it for a different bag. I did talk to customer service at Chloe and they told me they'd be able to repair the issue, so if you do end up purchasing the bag they could probably fix it for you!
  9. Definitely a keeper! I have the Marcie in brown and use it everyday for almost a year. I think this color is unique and the hardware looks nice. What did you end up doing?
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    Hi everyone! So, I purchased this beauty preloved and was told it was in like new condition. Once I started inspected it I’ve noticed where the flap opens and closes there is cracking on the edging. Do I️ keep the bag or return it? I know this happens but should it be cracked this bad? Thank you!!! IMG_1510587084.706625.jpg excuse the mess, I’m trying to reorganize.
  11. Never mind, I️ sent it back. It will bother me too much!
  12. 21268EE7-66C0-475E-B536-708D050666A4.jpeg
    I have this issue. I received my mini black Marcie as a Christmas gift in 2016. By June the straps were completely frayed. I only used this bag on the weekends, and lightly. Neimans exchanged the bag for a new one. Unfortunately I did not take pictures.

    This new one just started fraying in the past 3 weeks. Very annoying. I’m debating what to do now.

  13. I’d send it back for a replacement .
  14. Hahaha! I have three and am contemplating a fourth. Glad I am not alone in my obsession!!
  15. Satchel or Crossbody?!
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