Long term affect with hair straightener

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  1. My hair is not naturally straight and I use a ceramic straightener about twice a month. I would love to use it everyday to get my hair looking nice, but I'm afraid of the side affects of long term use. I hear stories about hair breaking off and being frizzy. I use a special conditioner spray to protect my hair from the heat of the iron.

    Does anybody use a straightener everyday? How does that affect your hair?

    Thanks for your help.

  2. I don't use one everyday but I use it once or twice a week. But I have thick long Indian hair so it's strong enough. If you weak hair I wouldn't recommend it. But you only do it like twice a month so that shouldn't be so bag esp. when you protect with the spray. You should be alright, I mean I know people who blow dry their hair twice a week.
  3. I used to flat iron my hair everyday for quite a while.. I didn't notice any major damage, but after a year or so my hair wouldn't have the same movement after ironing as it did before. Maybe it dried out a bit, but nothing horrible, really.
  4. I flat iron mine every other day. I have very fine hair that is colored and highlighted and It hasn't fallen out yet.:p Actually it's pretty healthy. I do use a heat protectant before blow drying and a flat iron spray before straightening.

    edit to add- I only do this in the humid months which is a pretty good portion of the year here. In the winter I only have to flat iron my bangs and get the rest straight with the blow dryer or big velcro rollers.
  5. I bleach my hair & use my straightener every day mostly & it's still very healthy.
  6. I use mine regularly and haven't noticed any difference in my hair so far.
  7. I use a heat protectant and my hair stays in pretty good shape.
  8. mine is still fine but i do have thick hair. i flat iron 4-6 times a week
  9. i flat iron almost every day and use kerastase oleo relax serum when i flat iron and my hair still looks great :smile:
  10. Thanks you all for your input. I feel better now and probably use my flat iron more often. I've been coloring my hair for over 5 years and I was afraid that on top of that & straightening will really stress my hair out.
  11. it'll probably create split ends faster but nothing major. i do notice a difference when i haven't used my straightener for a long amount of time but it always looks great after it's straightened. if you have fine hair just use a lower heat setting so it won't cause as much damage.