long summer dresses

  1. what do you guys feel about long summer dresses? like the ones that reach to your ankles? i've seen tons of ppl pulling off the look but i'm not sure! would you guys wear flip flops/heels/ballet flats with them?
  2. I have 2 from Topshop, i wear them with ballet flats and flip flops what ever works for you, I would not be able to pull off high heels though!
  3. i would definitely wear flip-flops with them. Ella moss and t-bags make cute long summer dresses.
  4. I think the look is great for this season.....:tup:
  5. you mean like hippie style? I"ve been wearing them all summer long since I was a little girl. I love the long floaty skirts and patchwork anything. go to a music festival and you will see almost every female pulling it off - the best footwear is barefeet!!!
  6. i see alot of people do it, sandles or flats seem to look the best, Im short and that style just makes me look shorter so I usually end up hiking the skirt up and wearing heals if it goes past my lower knee.
  7. I like the look, and it works for me cos I'm tall. I pair my long dresses with flip flops for the weekend. It's also part of my planned wardrobe for a Bangkok weekend next week! :yahoo:
  8. I wear them with dressy flip-flips(giuseppe zanotti style), flats, or with heels. The nice thing about these dresses is that you can dress them up or down depending on footwear and accessories. I wore one to a wedding last week.
  9. love them. I am wearing a long dress now with ballet flats. also looks really cute with a high wedge.
  10. i think they are great and comfy for hot summer months. i have a few from target that i love! one of them has orange and brown flowers all over it and gets tons of compliments!
  11. I only like them if they're strapless or longsleeved, and are either in a very large, basic print or solid colors. And you can only wear strapless styles at the beach or on a cruise, IMO. I think it depends on what they look like and where you wear them...I'd say only heels or sandals, though...and they have to be more styled sandals, not just basic plastic flip flops since the look is a little more "formal," for lack of a better word, than most beach attire.
  12. Long dresses look great with heels..
    I would never wear them myself, I'm quite short.
  13. I love the look but I personally like Diane vonFurstenberg dresses and most of them are around knee length. It is hard for me to find long dresses that look good on my petite and very thin figure
  14. i have some long dresses from t-bags and they look great with flip flops and wedge sandals in my opinion. i think they are super easy and comfortable, especially when its 115 degrees like it is here.
  15. I have a long black eyelet Nui dress from Summer 2005, and I still love it. It's simple and strapless and looks cute with flats, sandals and even belted at the waist to dress it up a bit.