LONG straps coming back? Your thoughts.


Dec 11, 2006
You remember these bags from the 80's (hummm maybe allot of you gals don't) If you can, think of your first coach from that era. A cute, square, boxy thing bouncing on your hip,tethered up on your shoulder with two long flat straps supporting the prize.

Man were these purses an inconvenience when it came to retrieving stuff out of them. Bending over to the side to get your desired artifact. Alas, I maybe speaking out of context? Although I prefer my shoulder bag to be hovering under my arm like a sucking child, there are those who rather have the kid pulled along and following the Master's command?

So which is it? Who's your preverence? Is it both? Long straps for the new change? Short for habit? Will the :shrugs: new fashion trend have long term stability like the 80's?


MAC Madness!
Sep 19, 2006
I HATE long straps.... I'm always paranoid about having my purse stolen, so I like to have it sit right under my armpit. That way, I can lock my arm down over it. It makes me feel more secure. With the purse dangling at hip length, I A). feel that it is easy to steal, and B). feel like a 14 year old going to her first dance with Mommy's 80's bag LOL.
Just my opinion!!


Jan 3, 2007
It depends on how you wear it. They are meant to be worn right on the hip to the front/side (think hip bone) of your body so that you can easily reach in and retrieve things.

I think they can be wonderful if you are out shopping all day or doing something that requires both hands.

I just purchased a Mulberry bag that is a crossbody in a Whiskey color. I am in love with it.


Aug 19, 2006
I noticed it too and I remember those bags only too well. I'd wear the straps cross bodied so it wouldn't fall off my shoulder. But for now? I think I prefer the shorter shoulder straps that keep the bag close to my body.


Dec 21, 2006
I think bags with longer straps can be very useful - they're much easier to get the contents out of when you're on the move, plus sometimes the bags with shorter straps can restrict your movement I find. I end up with my arm clamped to my side, with the bag under my arm, trying to stop it sliding off, lol

I find I can still keep a bag with a longer strap safe by resting my hand on it or the straps, and when it's worn on the hip, it's easy to keep an eye on in my opinion :smile:


Jun 3, 2006
Long straps make me think of middle school and high school and Liz Claiborne and Dooney and Bourke bags with ridiculously long straps that I had to knot because I'm so short.

I might like a newer interpretation of long straps again (thinking, not so terribly long thicker straps with maybe a buckle to be adjust the length)


Dec 9, 2006
I prefer a long shoulder strap and wear it cross-body style, with the bag at hip height. It's very secure, because I usually rest one hand across the top of my bag, while my other hand holds onto the strap at chest height. Nobody can grab it off me!

This is how I wear my LeSportsacs at least; other than that, I like totes you can wear on your shoulder, because they can also be held securely. I have found that the Paddington is not a convenient bag to put over your shoulder, but I still like it! So I am not really into hand-held bags, or ones which only fit over your arm. These types are the least secure to wear.