Long strap or short strap?

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Which looks better on Baggy PM?

  1. Long Strap

  2. Short Strap

Multiple votes are allowed.
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  1. I own the Baggy PM and I love it very much! I wear it with long or with short strap (I have bought the long strap with it). For my walks with my dogs and for shopping i prefer the long strap. But I think, it looks better with the short strap - the long strap is more practical for me.
  2. short I voted
    the long one is nice for the gm
  3. i'd definetly go with the short strap. looks more dressy.
  4. They actually both look nice depending on the look you want. I personally like the long strap but it is more casual. How nice to have the option.
  5. I voted short, more chic and cute in my opinion~!
  6. I like the short strap, I wear it in the last hole.
  7. I am having the same question. I am glad you posted this question. I just got a Baggy PM and I wanted to get a long strap and I went to try it on with my DH and he did not like how it looked. But, I think I still might get it anyways.
  8. I like them both...it's nice to have the versatility!
  9. Voted for the short... just overall better proportion to your body.
  10. I have that Baggy PM, too, and I prefer the short strap with it. Long one doesn't look so bad either but I like using it with the short one: for some reason it seems to be more practical like that :smile:
  11. Thanks for voting, everyone! My aunt just emailed me again and said, "The Baggy definitely looks better with the long strap."

    Surprise surprise!
  12. LOL.. oh Aunts!!

    I voted for the short.. like someone said, chic! However, the long strap does have it's practicality!
  13. I like the short strap better! The long strap looks cute, but the short strap looks better.
  14. I think the short is cuter. It suits the boxy shape of the baggy.