Long strap for pochette?

  1. Is the long strap that people are using to wear the pochettes cross-body the one that eluxury calls natural cowhide strap for $165.00?
  2. Yes!:yes:
  3. I have one but it is Mono not Vachetta/cowhide. They make 3 long straps. 2 are Vachetta/cowhide one is adjustable and the other one is not. And the other one is Mono and it is adjustable.

    I prefer the mono but the only problem is now if I want to get other Pochettes it will look very funny using a long Mono strap. Let me know if you need photos. I can post them when I get home tonight.
  4. [​IMG]

    I'm using the non-adjustable vachetta one in this picture. I use this one on all my pochettes (perfo, azur and panda).
  5. Thanks! That is the cutest look ever; it looks like it would be great for little jaunts or the movies.
  6. I actually prefer to wear mine with the longer strap. I was deciding between the key chain extender or the leather strap but decided on the latter because even with the extension piece the bag still didn't fit very nicely under my arm :push:
  7. Ooo great idea, think i might have to get one.

  8. Can you post pics, please?

    How long is the adjustable strap?
  9. I use the long vachetta strap that is non-adjustable. It's narrower than the adjustable ones which kind of overwhelmed the look of the pochette. Try them on at LV and you'll know which one works best!
  10. could you post the pics please?:heart:
  11. i use the strap from my Palermo GM with my pochette... works great! :yes:
  12. Sorry for taking so long to reply. Been VERY busy.

    Here are some photo's



    I am wearing it cross body

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    beljwl, thank you so much for this pictures! Is it 12mm? About 42'' long, right? And 7 holes?
    The part that comes on the shoulder, is it leather or sth else?
  14. I don't have anything to measure it , but that sounds about right. The part that comes off the shoulder is also mono, so it blends in.
  15. Thank you :smile: