I need some opinions here. I love my speedy, but I need both my arms to shop...how stupid would it look if I bought a strap for the speedy??? I dont really see anyone using them...but Im a rebel and dont care what others do, but on the other hand...I dont want to look weird using one. Any opinion on this subject...quickly...because I am going to my LV store tomorrow to plop down $180.00 for a strap....(I think)..:weird:
I think the bag is a little oddly shaped and bulky/heavy to hang from a long strap. IMO it looks a bit like a rock on a string. I've seen a few women do it, but it wasn't working. I think it could be done, though, so maybe you're just the one to do it!
i wouldn't do it, an LV SA and i had a convo the other day about how tragic it was to see speedys and almas with those straps...maybe there's another bag you could use for shopping? or put the speedy in the crook of your elbow?
I have posted about this yesterday. THERE ARE 2 LV STRAPS FOR SPEEDYS. I use them all the time so I am hands free and they look great. One is an all monogram strap and the other is plain tan.
I put a plain LV strap on my cherry blossom retro. It isn't supposed to go on there, it was even a struggle getting it on but I was determined and I'm happy with it! So there!:P:biggrin:
hm... i haven't personally seen anyone using it that way... but i know that some ppl do. i dont think the idea's weird at all tho, the balenciaga bag's famous of having the option of being handheld and shoulder carried.
I think it's cool. There's a hanheld bag from Mulberry with the shape of a Speedy (Euston) , well it comes with a strap to wear across the body...
I say go for it!
I have good news and bad news. The good news is you're in luck! I have the strap (non-adjustable vachetta one) and speedy 25. The bad news is I'm in my pajamas...hehe...so not sure if you could picture it on a normal outfit.

My opinion is that it is very awkward looking. I rarely use it with the speedy (unless I'm at the airport). Also, I'm 5'4" so the bag sits waay below my hip. You might want to consider the adjustable shoulder strap.


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