Long strap for my Baggy PM?


Should I get the long strap for my Baggy?

  1. Yes, get it!

  2. No

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  1. I was thinking about buying the long strap for my Baggy PM so that I can wear it messenger style.

    Only problem is the leather on my Baggy has some patina on it, and the strap will probably still be white, so it wont match.

    Do you think it'll still look ok?
  2. You can darken it by applying some body oil to a soft cloth and applying very little to the strap.. I did this with the strap from my pochette an it worked great.
    I also set the strap by the window to help it tan :biggrin:
  3. I'd get it, the strap will patina faster if you follow some of the suggestions in the FAQ's and the ones Bag Fetish provided.
  4. I would get it.
  5. Definitely get it!!! It will look sooooo good on your bag! All you gotta do is use some baby oil to tan that strap!
  6. Hmm, I'm thinking about it. I think the Baggy PM looks so much better with the short strap. But if I get the long strap, I'll get so much more use out of it!

    For those of you who have the long strap, is it comfortable? Doesn't dig into your shoulder?

    I'm taking my Baggy to LV in an hour and trying it out!

    BTW, yesterday at the mall I saw a girl wearing the blue baggy pm with the long strap...I was carrying my Azur Speedy and I think she noticed my bag too!
  7. I would get it.
  8. Yes!!! GET IT!!! I have one for my Baggy GM and it's great! I can go handsfree and wear it cross-body (I find it's falling off my shoulder all the time with the short strap), and it doesn't dig in at all. Only "problem" is that I'm only 5'2, so It's a *little* longer on me... but soooooo worth it, and super comfy!
    Besides that, it's fun to switch up the style... I find when I wear it with the long strap across my body it's a more laid back look. :tup:
  9. I am getting a "pre-loved" Baggy PM next week from a fellow tpf'er and I was thinking the exact same thing as you. I wanted to get a longer strap and I had the same concern as you about the color of the vachetta. Please let us know if you get it and how you like it.
  10. I don't have the PM but I have the GM and I bought the long strap and have never used it so I don't know what to vote. I just found it sits so comfy on my shoulder that I was happy with the short strap - wish I'd thought of that Before I forked out the money.
    If you're sure you'll use it though - go for it.:tup:
  11. get it get it get it!! i use my long strap from my sophie on my mono pochette (the straps are like BROWN)..lol it'll patina fast anyway, don't think anyone will notice. Besides you can always lay the long strap flat in your backyard or something to make the patina process go faster!!

    lol...i wish they made baggy pm in mini lin.
  12. I have a Baggy GM and it looked funny with the long strap when I wore it across my body (the long strap was my friend's). I think it's because of the size of Baggy GM, the bag is too big to be worn messenger style.

    But for Baggy PM, I think it would look really cute coz the bag isn't as big as the GM. I would get the long strap if I had the PM.
  13. Thanks for your input, everyone! I bought it!!

    I changed straps right away and wore the long strap around shopping!

    Here are the pics:



    As you can see, the strap is alot whiter than the leather on my Baggy. :push: My SA was telling me to leave the strap out and expose it to light if I want the strap to darken and asked if I had any pets! Guess she was afraid I'd have a dog or cat who'd try to eat the strap if I left it out! :p

    I also have 2 concerns about wearing it with the long strap..

    #1 Since I have it at the 2nd hole from the top, would the ends of the strap curl up with time? I saw a Popincourt Haut on eBay where the ends of the straps had curled up and it looked horrible!

    #2 Since the Baggy is against my hip, would all that rubbing against my hip wear out the denim?

    For those of you who wear your Baggys with the long strap can u please let me know your experience with this? TIA! :flowers:
  14. Aren't you the enabler today, Jill!

    And I thought I was the supreme enabler! :p
  15. I'd say get it! It will be nice to be able to wear it messenger style.