Long strap for mini Cara.

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  1. I made a long strap for my mini Cara. I used a navy strap from an old Kipling bag and hardware I bought online. What do you think?
    . ImageUploadedByPurseForum1459525608.694568.jpg
  2. Wonderful idea! Such perfect matching of the colour ;)
  3. Very impressive!

    So did you basically start with the canvas and add all the hardware? How tricky was it to make?
  4. It coordinates well. Good move. ����
  5. Not at all. There is a film on you tube that shows you how to add the hardware. I used poppers to fasten the ends. If I can do this, anybody can :biggrin:
  6. Good for you. I contacted Mulberry about buying a long leather strap for my mini oxblood cara and they wouldn't sell me one. I completely agree they look better on the shoulder with a slightly longer strap.
  7. Thank you - might give it a try myself!