Long strap for denim baggy

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  1. I just got my long strap for my denim baggy and I am so pleased. It's just what the bag needed to be perfect for me. Now I can wear it cross-body and hands-free.

    This was also my first experience with LV proper (instead of ELux). I am pleased with their service. There were no hassles with them finding the strap for me and I got it in a week. Plenty of summer left to enjoy this rockin' bag!
  2. Can you post a few pics Chloe? I was bummed about not finding a patchwork gris posty messenger, so I thought I should go ahead and buy the long strap for my fuschia baggy GM, to convert it to a messenger.....TIA and congrats !!!
  3. I got that to when I got mine it really is a must have
  4. Thanks for the link, Chloe.....I guess I have to buy that ASAP, as they will no longer be making these denims anymore, and probably the strap too.