Long strap for denim baggy?

  1. I'm thinking about getting the long strap for my denim baggy gm - does anyone have one of these? Thoughts?

    I like crossbody bags in general. Also I'm handicapped and sometimes use a cane, so a hands-free handbag is always a plus.
  2. I have a baggy GM, but the drop on my bag is comfy enough for me that I dont need the longer strap. I think if you like the X-body style, the strap would be great. You should buy it now, as they are phasing these denims out, so I don't know if the straps will still be around. The denim club also has some pics posted if you search. Good luck !!
  3. The new Neo Caddy has a long strap and it looks great. I am sure yours would look good and be comfy too!
  4. I saw a girl w/her baggy pm worn corssbody style and thought it was really cute!
  5. I have the long strap for my baggy PM's and I love it.
  6. I have a long strap for my baggy, too. I like that I am able to use the bag in two different ways:tup:
  7. I have it and use it often. (Even though I have the PM.) Let me dig up the pics for you:

    Short strap:

    Long Strap:
  8. Definitely get the strap. I will make the bag much more useful for you.
  9. Thanks for the pics, that confirms that I do need the strap. Off to order................
  10. Good decision, Chloe! I have the Baggy GM and got the longer strap for it. Most of the time, I use the shorter strap, but when traveling, I pull out the longer one. It really makes it easier to carry the bag, and if you sometimes need REALLY hands-free, you won't regret it. Enjoy!
  11. I have the strap for my GM too and I prefer to wear it that way as well ..I tried on the neo cabby GM today and found that the strap sat quite high up on my body and the Cabby MM was shoulder bag ONLY on me:yes:
  12. I have the long strap and it's soooooooo handy! It's so great for being handsfree! You can also use it for a sportier look when you want! :yes:
  13. I also have the long strap for my baggy pm. Very useful when I'm going on an outing so I can have my two hands free for my SLR camera.