Long strap for damier pochette

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  1. I really really want a damier pochette but I'd like to wear it with a long strap. Do you guys know if such a thing exists? I know that there is a long strap one can wear with monogram pochette (which I want as well) but how about for damier?
  2. I know there is a Damier adjustable strap because I use it with my Damier Speedy 25 & 30. But, not sure if there is a thinner version of a Damier strap that would look better witht he Damier Pochette. I recommend calling your local LV store to ask the question.
  3. Unfortunately there is no LV store in the whole country:sad: But I might try emailing them. If anyone has one or has seen one please let me know! :smile:
  4. Another option is the pochette extender.
  5. ^Yah, the extender works well.
  6. I don't have an extender yet but it's on my list! The thing is that I want to wear my mono pochette and the damier as well, as soon I as I'll get one, across the shoulder.
  7. do u like this?

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  8. Yeah, that's pretty much the kind of strap I want for my future damier pochette. I emailed LV and in case anyone else was wondering about the same thing, there is a long strap that one can wear with a damier pochette just like the one that goes with mono. Yay!! :yahoo: Now I can't wait to have one!!
  9. I was in LV today and I asked the same question, and they said that they do not recommend the longer strap for the pochette as they say that it may not hold the capacity of the bag. Or they said something along those lines??
  10. hmm... I wonder what they ment by that :confused1: I don't understand why something would happen with a long strap but not with the tiny short strap that comes with the pochette. Anyway I never put too much stuff into my pochette so if they ment overloding it that shouldn't be a problem.
  11. Yeah, I am not sure what they were getting at but I would like the option to put it over my shoulder-waist.
  12. Yeah me too :yes: I like the way it looks and sometimes you just have to have your hands free. Actually I'm quite surprised that I like the long strap with mono and damier pochettes because normally I don't like wearing small bags like that across the shoulder. Usually it looks a bit too "old" for me. Once I laughed with my friends that when women get older their breasts start sagging and their handbags come down as well :P
  13. i saw a girl with the azur pochette with the long strap today, now i def wanna get one, it looked great! hm that just reminded me, i also saw the cerises pochette used with the long strap today!
  14. I have a long strap for my damier navona and it looks great. I bought it years ago for $100. I'll take pictures later.
  15. Please do! The pochette will be a lot more versatile when I'll get a strap to go with it.