Long strap for Baggy PM

  1. I got hooked on the Baggy PM after seeing Megs' blog on Mischa Barton's a few days ago. I had always wanted to get a fuschia mini pleaty but figured I want a more versatile denim bag so I just got a used one for a pretty reasonable price. :yahoo: Now, I want to be able to wear it across the body too but the bag is used with light medium patina ... should I get the long strap from elux or try to look for one on eBay that's used so the patina is more or less the same as the bag? I'd think such strap doesn't come very frequently on eBay?

    Thanks ...
  2. Congrats for your new bag!
    It will look odd a bit if the strap is so new...how to grow the patina quickly? Sun light? I didn't see the strap selling on eBay before.
  3. I have never seen a strap on ebay, but if you could hold out using the bag for a month or so and tan the strap in a window sill, I bet you would be fine.