Long strap for a Speedy 30?

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  1. I took (yet another) plunge and purchased my second LV piece from Ebay this morning. :nuts:

    Item number: 6847407826

    I actually decided to go with a gently used speedy because I do like the look of one better. Anyway I had seen on the boards that some people purchase straps for their speedys. Could I get away with putting one on the 30 or would that look silly? Also, where would I buy one? Are all the LV straps made for any of the bags or should I be looking for a specific one?

  2. congrats for your lovely new speedy. I love them so much:love: and yours is very nice!! I bought mine at the store and i like it better now when it starts to get a patina.
    You can buy a strap at the LV store. They've one for speedy and alma and it's a cowhide strap. I personally don't like straps on hand held bags like speedy or alma. IMO looks a bit granny style an weird to me but if you like it go for it:smile:
  3. I wondered that also; the problem is that I have a 3 and a 4 year old who need their hands held when out and about. Maybe my speedy will just have to be used on my child free days (rare!!) ;)
  4. I see what you mean you need your hands for the kids. When you just use it on your kid free days it'll last you forever;)
  5. I personally don't like the strap on the Speedy. There aren't any D-rings on the ends pf the bag for it. For me, it looks weird when the straps attach to the bag in the middle at the handles, where the bag sticks out so much on the sides.
  6. I was actually told by an SA that the speedy is not meant to be carried with long straps. The rings which attached the handles are different from those of the Alma and might cause damage if used with the long straps.
  7. Well I guess that sums it up! I did not realize that the Speedy was not meant for a long strap. Thank you for the input!!
  8. no problem. i suppose you could still use a long strap if you really want to and not do it too frequently. I have seen many people carrying their speedys with the long strap, which was why I asked the SA if they had the strap to go along with it.
  9. Agreed ! It'd be a different matter if the straps were at the ends of the bag.. but I think it looks kind of silly having a bag that shape with a cross body strap anyways.