Long story short,........

  1. I didn't want to post this because I was embarrassed to know if any members of this forum witnessed this.

    But! As I was doing a "little" shopping at the Madison Ave store.
    (Some people have fu**ing nerves!!!) I noticed a girl in the corner ready to almost kill me! She was literally twitching! My SA noticed and moved us to the scarf area. There she followed us AGAIN! My SA informed one of the other SA's that there was a customer needing help. So she went and helped her. So, you think "problem solved" right, NOPE! :push:

    As I was at the register ready to pay for my purchase she comes over so aggressively from behind me and GRABS MY BAG!!!!!! :wtf: And starts to literally inspect it! :wtf: asking me how big? How much? I stared to respond as I was reaching to claim my bag she started to pull at my bag! :wtf: HARD! :cursing: man I was pissed! :crybaby:

    Of corse the security guard had apparently also noticed and asked the lady "can you return her bag" she did and disappeared. Now, at this point if I was security I would have escorted her right OUT the door.

    Of course the little chit chat happens and my SA starts to tell me that happens a lot at the store. Some of customers that have never seen a Birkin react like that and get over excited. Ok, so here I thought "Oh well" I'm gonna go upstairs and get some home essentials.

    3rd floor I go,....... I'm chatting it up with Christian (3rd floor sa) walking around. Minding my own business and here she f*c*ing comes again! Stops me dead in my track "how much?, why you got Birkin? I want your Birkin" grabbing my bag again, then comes security and grabs here and escorts her right out the store. I was so bummed! I actually got PUNKED! AT HERMES!!!!

    Anywhoo, after calming down I went prancing down Madison Ave with my Birkin in one hand and my 3 Orange bags!

    Going down 57th street I stop at Burberry - "I liked the boots at the window" I'm inside checking out the merc. eyeing some nice gloves and HERE SHE COMES AGAIN! :cursing: she's eyeing me from the corner of her eye. Then she starts to come at me again. WTF I said to myself. She comes next to me again and starts her I want your bag,... I just flipped. Now I really couldn't understand every word she was saying because she had a very deep asian accent and all she keeps saying is I want your bag, gimme your bag, I buy from you. I just flipped! An SA ran to us and asked what's the problem. One security guard gets in between us and I explained to the SA everything that happened to me at Hermes and that she approached me again.

    The security guard now asks me who the bag belongs to because she was claiming that I had her bag! :wtf: so I told him to call the madison ave store and they would explain everything. They did, they called and verified. So they ask me if I want to call the cops and press charges. Now I just wanted to get the hell out of there and go to my car and go home!

    I have never been so scare and paranoid but at the same time so pissed off I could have chewed the head of a Bull right off! How dare someone do this!

    I just had to get this off my chest but at the same time embarrassed if any of you witnessed this. I got PUNKED!
  2. Frightening, actually! I'm sorry you had to go through this.
  3. Yikes!

    That's horrible. I'm so sorry you went through that. You ran into a real nut job today.

    Eventually you'll have a great story to tell, though.
  4. ^^ yesterday
  5. OMG that is horrible! I am just glad you are safe and sound! There are some serious nut jobs out there! Big hugs girl!!!
  6. that is no excuse nut or not!
  7. OMG!!!! How awful!!! This sounds really serious and psychotic!!! You poor thing. Thats more than being punked, that is assault. That girl really needs some serious help. I hope she is banned from Hermes so the other shoppers are safe!!!

    hugs, baggs!!!
  8. OMG!! What a flake! I'm sorry to hear that you had to go through this. Something is just so wrong with this person.
  9. OMG!! That's crazy! Sorry you have to experience something like that...you should have just smacked :bagslap: her over the head with your birkin...heehee...j/k
  10. OMG Baggs. It sounds like she was on drugs or something. Sorry this had to happen to you, and it's awful, but now it's all over, you have a great story to tell at dinners.

    I hope you managed to at least punch her. I would have.
  11. That was just TERRIBLE, Baggs! You were stalked out of Hermes down Madison - yeeeech!!! :cursing:

    I'm very surprised you didn't flatten her at Burberry - she's one lucky freak!

    I'm so sorry that happened, I'm sure it was upsetting. :wtf:

    Try to think calming thoughts of holidays at the beach (or whatever works for you - that one's mine :smile:), then go get/do something really nice for yourself! Right now! :heart:
  12. DANG!!! You're right! There are some crazy people out there that can't take a hint!!! She was about damn near mugging and stalking you! Talk about all sanity and class going out the window! Sorry this had to happen to you! Hopefully she didn't follow u home!:sweatdrop::cursing:
  13. No, no punching.

    I man I don't understand, she wasn't high or anything.
  14. :boxing: :wtf:...I'm speechless!
  15. It really seems like it took Hermes a long time to get rid of her. Does it seem this way to you?