Long shot: Looking for LV Vernis Brea PM? Anyone seen it?

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  1. Hi ladies, apparently the LV vernis brea in the PM (smallest) size was available for a short while but is no longer available. Although it is still available on the LV UK site.. Any chance anyone has seen someone selling it in the US-whether at your boutique, etc? I love this size so much. I would be looking for either the amarante or rouge (they're both gorgeous). Also, is it possible to have LV UK ship to US?? Just thought I'd ask, thanks for any help.
  2. If you are in the USA call 1-866-vuitton and ask.
  3. Oh oops, I guess I should have added that I called a local boutique and she said she checked in the US stores. That would probably be the same thing as the 866 number?
  4. I am looking for this bag also... I called the 866 number and she said there was none left in the stores or in their stock for online/phone purchases, and they were not expected to get any more of this bag in. In other words, it is sold out for US customers. :sad:

    Also... I asked about the colors, because if it would have been made in Rouge Fauviste that would have been my first choice too - and the lady I talked to at 866 said this style was never made in Rouge Faviste, only the Amarante out of the two colors I asked about. She also mentioned that it was in the Pomme & Rose Flourentin, but those are sold out as well. She checked on all colors for me (even though I wouldn't have been interested in the last two, just the Amarante), no Brea PMs at all. HTH!
  5. It's out of stock online in the UK too.
  6. I wanted one as well pm in Amarante. I called 866 and that lady was nice enough to tell me that there are none left in US and Canada (where I'm located) but she said the computer doesn't say that the bag is discontinued. She say it "should" come back out again just don't know when :confused1:
  7. Also, apparently (according to a Selfridges SA) LV UK won't ship to US due to past problems with customs and returns.