Long Shot but here goes- FB or Aqua RH

  1. Any possibility of French Blue or Aqua with RH in a part time or work?
    I would love a new one rather than worrying about condition and sellers on E-Bay. Is Cobalt the same as French Blue?
    I thought I would give it the ol' college try.
    Thanks everyone. :search:
  2. I vote FB
  3. I believe Cobalt is Aqua.
  4. Yes, cobalt is aqua.
  5. I say go with Aqua. I love how it can be different shades of blue.

    I know BalNY had a city, I dont know about a work or part time.
  6. I tend to like the vibrancy of FB a little more than aqua, but both are beautiful.
  7. You're not asking for advice, right....you just want to know if there's any of these to be found anywhere at a retail store?

    In that case, I dunno. (big help I am, huh?). I think it's a long shot. You might try Susan's in Burlingame, CA ... they seem to have oddball things sold out everwhere else. I know, for example, that they have a Blue India Work (or did a few days ago, anyway) ... any chance you'd like Blue India? It's a gorgeous color. Here's a thread of BI pics, fyi:
  8. NM in SF has a FB work. Ask for Kumi there, she helped me (though I wasn't successful at finding what I wanted) and was very sweet.