Long shot, but help me ID this bag?

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  1. Hi everyone!
    I've been seeing this bag on this girl a few times now, and I never have the guts to ask her where she got it! Can anyone help me out? I know the picture quality is pretty shoddy, but its a convertible bag -- satchel with a longer single strap, in a grayish black leather. It looked a bit like a Bal at first glance, but after seeing the lack of hardware, I don't think it is.
    Can anyone help me?


    Thanks so much for looking!
  2. I can't really tell, but to me it looks like a balenciaga.
  3. Strap is wrong for Balenciaga, I think. Otherwise very similar to the City.
  4. ^This is what I think, but I cannot find anything similar! Is it possible she switched the strap?
  5. ^^ *Maybe*, but there are a couple of other things that make me think it's not Bal (longer handles, corners look too structured). Maybe it's an inspired bag?
  6. I actually have a Diesel bag that looks really similar to that but with a shorter strap.. but when I got mine there were other styles that looked like that with a long strap.. fall 09 collection
  7. Besso makes a motorcycle bag that looks a lot like a bal bag.
  8. I'll check out Diesel and Besso.

    Hogancollector, do you know where I can look for Besso online? I can't seem to find much on Google.
  9. It is hard to tell. So where do you take the picture or you just find it on a website. If I were you are met the bag on a street (I meant if), I would go ahead and ask her where did she get the bag. Maybe it is not so polite, but as a handbag fan, I believe I will do such a thing. :lolots::lolots:
  10. can't agree with you more. Girls are happy to hear compliments:biggrin:, tell her that you like it and you want to buy one, and she may tell you the answer.:yahoo:
  11. ^^ Guess I'm just shy! I'm not one to approach strangers and compliment them, etc. :shame: Maybe if I see the bag again I'll ask her!
  12. If you really want to know, I'd ask her. People are usually flattered. I had a guy tell me he liked my bag on the subway the other day and I was so happy to hear that! Ironically, he told me this while I was admiring another person's bag :biggrin:
  13. Ask her! People (me included) are way too shy to ask, but really shouldn't be. I never get complimented on my bags, but someone recently admired my old pink Coach tote and it made my day!
  14. hanana - what's the bag on your avatar? it's gorgeous