long riding whip/halter costs??

  1. seen in a few Hermes ads, but what are the costs? thanks if you know!!
  2. hi louis -- they've got three different types of whips, a short riding crop, a long dressage whip and a longe whip. the cost varies by style -- the competely leather covered ones are much more expensive, but the ones with the wooden shaft are much more affordable, i think somewhere between 300 and 400. i don't have the longe whip or a halter, so i don't know what they run, but you can call courtney caverzasi at the madison hermes shop in NY -- she's the equestrian manager and a lovely person, and i'm sure she'd be happy to answer your questions.

    by the way, the red halter that everyone loved in the print ads is not actually available for purchase -- it was just for the photo shoot.

    [​IMG] [​IMG]
  3. Why is no one in here with the jokes about why you want the whip.....:devil: am I the only one with their mind in the gutter or is everyone just being good cuz we got yelled at in the RAOK thread?
  4. Hmmm, I have no use for a longe or dressage whip anymore, but I'm all about the big orange boxes, and that is one BIG orange box in the corner of your pic, DQ!
  5. I guess we just assumed it was for equestrian pursuits? :wtf:
  6. This one I believe is $300...it has my name on it though LOL
  7. you silly ducks, equestrian pursuits ;)

    im 16 by the way, so yeah....innocent ;) ;)

    mmm im going to NYC for turkey day break, maybe I'll see them in person there.
  8. I'm sorry honey. I guess I assume we are all old like me :smile:
  9. because that's what agent provocateur whips are for :graucho:
  10. you guys are awful- lol jk, all that birkin leather mustve gone to your head ;)

    i never knew hermes made whips
  11. Are the crops and whips in the store? Have I been blind? Am looking for a 30" crop.
  12. I saw a full leather covered one that was gorgeous in black, but it was 900USD
  13. OMG< if I had 10 bucks for every one we have lost or broken, we could buy that, LOL!
  14. call courtney caverzasi at NYC madison -- 212-751-3181 -- there's usually a rack of them there and she also knows what all the other US stores have.
  15. Thanks DQ!

    Hope your horses are doing well. :smile: Do they have cute winter coats now?