long rant about selfridges LV... sorry


Sep 17, 2006
I am so sorry to here the way you got treated.
But maybe it was just a very hectic day at the Louis Vuitton store and they could not give you that great of service.
I agree! Report that horrible service. You should never judge a book by it's cover. Don't mean to offend anyone if I do but: You can have rich people, worth millions, wearing Walmart clothes just as easily as you can find normal/non-rich people dressed in really expensive clothing. Like it was said before, anyone in a store is fair game and a potential customer. Everyone should be treated the same whether you spend a lot of money there or not. First come, First served would make that fair to everyone. I would be really angry if I was treated like that at any store!
Sometimes, being the obnoxious NYer is the best way to get service. Every so often, if the treatment really gets on my nerves, I take my credit card out of my wallet and tap it loudly on the counter and ask loudly, "Does anybody feel like making a sale today?" Works every time, no matter what I'm wearing.
Rofl, I don't trust myself with Credit cards, so I don't have any :smile:
Would getting out a money clip with money in it work :P?
By the way, that is hilarious! I'm sure it gets their attention (instantly) every time! Although, it's still sad that a person would have to resort to that in order to get service from an SA.


Feb 6, 2007
I'm sorry, that must have been a horrible experience. I get that a lot of Tiffany's. I've never had that happen to me before at LV though. Maybe because it's never been busy while I'm there. I usually get help when I'm standing near a counter or walking around. And I NEVER dress like I'm 'rich' or anything.


everything is peachy
Mar 17, 2007
Sorry this happened to you! I get it sometimes, probably because I'm young, but I never wait too long because I just go up to someone and ask for service. I'm quick to demand attention! Hehe. Don't put up with their crappy service and be assertive! :smile:


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Nov 10, 2007
New Jersey
So sorry how you were treated, I was treated very well at the Short Hills NJ LV and I had on jeans,cute ballet flats and a nice sweater and my LV small bucket bag. My SA was a lovely woman and they even gave my daughter a Dora sticker. Maybe I was treated well because I went in and caught the SA's eye while she was showing an undecided customer a Neverfull (which is what I went to buy) and I just blurted out, I want one of those and then extolled its virtues to the other customer. I was treated badly by a travel agent cause I went in in overalls and a cute shirt. She said, "you probably can't afford that trip" unbeknownst to her, my husband is a surgeon. We are not rich, but we're not poor either! Some of the richest people dress like crap (albeit expensive crap) so people in sales ought not to make assumptions or it'll bite them on the ass! I wouldve left and gone down the street, give someone else the sale,but you were pressed for time so I understand. Congrats on your purchase,enjoy!


Oct 31, 2006
Brooklyn, NY
I almost feel as if LV is trying so hard to display it's snobby attitude latelly. I was treated like this once at the flagship store in NY and swore never to come there again...but 2 weeks ago my Mother in law had to pick up her mirrage speedy and asked me if I wanted to keep her company.

She is a "very good" costomer, so I thought to my self, if I go with her I would get those SA "back". Not only when we got to the store we waited 20 min following with questions "are you sure you CC was charged last week?", "are you sure such and such is your adress?"..."are you sure you were on the list?". Mia ( My MIN's SA wasnt there), after we got her bag, the SA look dis-interested completelly! So after asking where the fashion jewelery collection is, we were left wondering around the store, I went to a different counter and waited, and waited untill another SA did me a
'favor" and sold me my Sunset B in Amarante. Then we wondered off to scarf/shawl drawers and since no one expressed a slightest interest in helping us (we were holding already 2 LV shopping bags) we took our time and went trough all of them. My MIN desided on the scarf and we headed to the register. I swear we must have waited around 15 min. untill they finally have sold her a scarf. Then she desided to go upstairs, and we've found cute shirts for my DH. The SA first responce was - we dont have them in that size. Then he finally went to check, got them and we paid, only to find out that we had to pick it all up downstairs by the same register...and of course we had to wait again....agghhr. I think it's their new image. Come spend your money, we'll treat you like s••t, we hope you liked it...come again!


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Aug 6, 2006
Dressage Arena
This is exactly why I purchase from elux or vuitton.com or I call the 1-866 # - to avoid the snotty behavior I have encountered in my local store. It is hit or miss in each store, but I have received excellent service from an SA in the Las Vegas Wynn - I had so much fun trying on Keepalls with her, she was sweet and had great customer service.