long rant about selfridges LV... sorry

May 8, 2007
London, UK
I was in Selfridges LV on Friday around 4.30pm and the service was so crap. i wasnt dressed up (i was in jeans, uggs and a juicy top) so maybe thats why but i was ignored for AGES. I was really contemplating walking out and going down to the new bond street store. and everytime an SA became free, the security guards would grab them and take them over to a customer who (i overheard them saying this) was a 'big spender'. The guards could see I was waiting and waiting but just kept staring at me and talking to eachother. anyway, I finally get a SA to help me. i told him the things i wanted to look at and he goes off to get them and then the next minute i know, he is over the otherside helping out an old japenese guy. I looked over at the SA and frowned as if to say whats going on, and he just shrugs at me and turns away!!

So i wait a bit more and somebody else is willing to help me and 2 minutes into it, some guy turns up and signals to the SA. He obviously is a returning customer. The SA is mouthing to the customer that he will be quick! I was trying on all the pochettes to see which one i preferred and the SA is tapping his foot and making faces at the regular customer! I was getting so pissed and felt like dumping the bags on the counter and walking out but i really needed a pochette for the weekend and had to get home earlyish too. I ended up saying the SA 'would you prefer to go and serve the other customer? you look like you want to go'. and then he is all like no its fine, take your time. He was such an arsehole. and then he couldnt find my name on the computer straightaway and starts telling me that i have never bought louis vuitton before. It was such a crap experience. I will never go to that store again. what a nasty greedy bunch of SAs.

Sorry for the rant but it really pissed me off. no, im not rich and cant buy up the shop but the fact i am buying something should warrant me a little bit of respect at least. :cursing:
I ended up getting the plain monogram one btw.

thanks for listening anyways :smile: xxx


Sep 18, 2006
I'm sorry you had a bad experience. I hope it's better the next time you shop. You shouldn't have been treated that way. Congrats on your purchase BTW.


Nov 12, 2007
I have to say the customer service at the Harrods concession is just as bad. I have to admit if you are frequent shopper at a particular store the SAs will treat you like a VIP. I got champagne when I shopped last time ( I have to say I was abit shocked lol ).

I was down at Harrods couple weeks ago (I usually shop at the flagship boutique). OKay I was not dressed to my best and I was trying to get a SA to get some watches out for me to try on. Oh yes I was completely ignored by them. They only stared at me for a few seconds and just walked off and served other customers. THE CONCESSION WAS NOT BUSY. There were about 7 customers and 3-4 SAs. I was alittle bit mad until finally I got a SA to serve me. I was pointing to the watch carbinet and indicating which watch I wanted to try on. She must have seen my Tambour watch and the Monogram Glace VIP bracelet I had on. Her attitude changed dramatically. She sounded much more enthusiatic and helpful. When I was trying on the watch, she was asking me how I got my bracelet and saying how nice my watch was. Bull! I thought. At the end of the day, everyone in the shop is a potential customer, no matter how nice you dress etc etc. I think this is a serious issue considering the fact how much $$$ we are spending on their products! Customer care? Customer DONT care.


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Sep 24, 2007
Doll Divas :)
It's sad to hear this sort of story ... just to think that you went there to buy an item, that it is thanks to buyers like you (not just the big spenders) that the staff earn their wages, and still they couldn't find the common courtesy to serve you when it was plainly your turn to be served. It was rude of them and I'm sorry to hear it spoiled what should have been a pleasant experience for you.

But ...

I wasnt dressed up (i was in jeans, uggs and a juicy top) so maybe thats why
Yep, more than likely that was the reason. Probably in the SA's experience, most people in jeans and uggs aren't serious buyers. It both amazes and amuses me that I get so much better service now than I did when I was younger ... but I know it's because the image of "immaculately presented middle aged woman" is a service magnet. The fact is we live in a very superficial society where appearance counts for far more than it should. :sad:


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Feb 20, 2007
The Netherlands
even if you were wearing your underwear on your head, you should always be threated with respect and if you are the queen of england herself!
i hope you are happy with your purchuse despite the horrible service, enjoy your pochette it is so cute, i'm thinking about buying one myself

congrats on the bag!!


Oct 20, 2006
congrats on your bag

u should write email to LV HQ about your experience

they will reply with an apology...with that..at least u won't feel that bad after all...


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Oct 18, 2006
New Mexico
Oh Suzanne, the image in my head of the Queen of England with her underwear on her head...PRICELESS!
I notice that according to how I choose to dress, the SA's treat me either well, or they ignore me.
What say we pick our SA's based on how well they ironed their clothes that day? That really wouldn't be fair would it?

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OMG! I hate hearing about these snotty SA's! I mean, anytime I got into LV, I have not had a terrible experience. The Sa's have always been really nice. I am sorry that you were treated so rudely! I would certainly write a letter, or call someone about it! Grrr....


Sep 13, 2006
sorry to hear about that :sad: I've founf that the selfridges in London is normally ok (but trrible busy) but I guess that depends on the manners of the staff. I prefer Harrods, though.. they are more accomodating or better yet sloane street, because they are quieter'.

I think bond street goes down as my ultimate worst branch.
May 8, 2007
London, UK
^^ I bought my Wapity in Bond Street and the woman that served me was ok. She was quite patient with me because i didnt like the colour scheme on the first wapity she gave me and she had to get another one from storage (she thought i was crazy by the way - apparantly they all look the same!) but she was nice to me. :smile:
Sorry to hear you had such a horrible experience! I would have demanded to see the manager. I don't care how you were dressed. Everyone should be seen as a potential customer and be treated with respect!!! When I used to live in London I always preferred the Bond Street LV. No matter how I was dressed they were always nice and very willing to help me. Congrats on your purchase though! Enjoy it!


Mar 8, 2006
Always call the manager after something like this! Get home and then get on the phone and rant and tell them you are going to call corporate HQ too. Sometimes they make it up to you by sending you a VIP gift.
May 8, 2007
London, UK
^^I rang customer services not long ago and they have advised me to write a letter to the manager at Selfridges which is what i will do.

Thanks everyone for your comments xx