Long post and I need help,please

  1. Normally I always be an easy-paying. I use less time to choose the things when I go shopping. If I have enough money, I pay and get what I want. That's why I ended up to have more than 50 brandname bags during the last 5 years. I send some of them to my sisters , some up for sale and now around 20 are with me. Not included my accessories,shoes and costume jewelries. I ever went to Chanel boutique every week and bought something back with me every time I visited. At That time I was really crazy about the little things from Costume Jewelries. Sure, I sold some of them but still have a lot in my box.

    Lately, I think I want a new bag and a new watch. Again I got a lot of watches since High st. until Highend. I spoiled myself a lot during the last few years.

    But I don't know why it has been a couple of months that I couldn't make any decision. I talked to my parents (as I am studying in UK now) and both said that it is better for me to spend less so I can have a nice car. Dad also said it is non-sense if you are a brandname victim who got a nice brandname bag,shoes, clothes but you don't even have a nice car or those $$$$$ money in your a/c. I spend less since then but still need to spend (lol)

    :shrugs:. I got around $4000 for shopping this time but my money is still with me. I need a watch and a bag but if I pay for a watch, I wouldn't get a bag. If I pay for a bag so it will take time to saving again for a watch. I'm so mad now. I don't know how long it will take time to saving for a watch again. I also bought high st. stuff very often too.

    If you were mine, what will you get first?

    1 option: I need a balenciaga bag which cost around 650 GBP. I try to find a mint pre-pwned one but they are all over 500 and I wouldn't pay that much for a used bag. I'll be more happy to get a new one. I remember last time it is 30% and then 50% off. I don't know how popular it is but they are a lot on sale. Anyway, It's not the sale period now.

    2nd of tion : A J12 which cost 1975 GBP (all my budget) and I think if I get a watch, I won't buy a bag. Anyway, My BF said that am super crazy, I got 1 Cartier and 1 Chanel Chocolat and he said both look better. J12 looks cheap in his eyes ( how come he can think like that ??)

    3rd option : Buy a cheaper version of LV bag (neverfull) and then save a bit more to get a J12.

    4th option: Buy only Balenciaga bag and keep money with me.

    I'm very crazy now and need help ,please.

    Thank you from a shopcoholic girl :sweatdrop:
  2. Buy the balenciaga bag and save to get the watch?
  3. I say get the J12 now. I really want a J12 and would happily use the bags I currently have and buy the watch with the money.
  4. I agree with Toni! Don't spend all your money on one purchase right now...as I get the feeling from your intro/background that you would rather have some money left in your account...

    You can get a balenciaga right now and then take some more time to save towards a J12 or something else.

    But if this is ur first balenciaga purchase...just beware that most can't stop at one...the smooshy, chewy, and tdf leathers are intoxicating...and in so many colors and styles to choose from. As u can see I am a bit biased towards balenciaga.... Vicky, check out diabro.net...they have certain styles/colors that are a lot below retail (pay with paypal for fast shipping without the hassels of verification, etc.) . Aloharag is great for no taxes and I believe no shipping charge for big purchases and great for shipping overseas. (for AR you have to email them at love@aloharag.com to inquire about their availability in terms of colors and styles.)
  5. :smile::smile::smile: I always keep some money every months to my saving a/c.

    Yeah! It would be my first Balenciaga bag :yes:.

    I am a bit changing of my style now. I'm more into Miu Miu and Balenciaga. :girlsigh:
  6. Yeah I would get the bag now and just save up over time!
  7. hey vicky, you sound like me, so many wants! hahaha. anyways, i would definitely go for option 4! (but maybe that's because i'm not a "watch" person). but it really depends on whether you love the watch more or the bag more?
  8. Vicky, I have a solution for you! Raise extra money by selling the rest of your extremely amazing Chanel costume jewelry accessories to me! :smile:

    Seriously, though. I suppose it really has to come down to what you feel suits you more. It seems you already have watches, and you already have bags, so this is more a matter of personal preference, and not of necessity.
    It also might make sense to start thinking of the future, a bit more, as your parents have advised. This doesn't mean never buying anything right now, it just means thinking through your buying a bit more...
  9. :lol::lol::lol: You're lovely !!

    I do agree of what you stated. It's time to grown up.

  10. :flowers:


    Hae hae ...... I couldn't choose which one I love more darling. A good bag always needs to match with a good watch (lol)
  11. Thanks a lot for the info, darling. Much Appreciate !
  12. Thanks a lot for all your guys reply.