long pocket agenda

  1. anyone have one of these? just wondering if you like it? I was thinking of maybe getting one in the mandarin epi.
  2. used to have one. if youre planning to use it as a wllet youre going to have to fold your bills otherwise it wont fit.
  3. I have one that I use to hold my checkbook and cards. I love it!
  4. Long Pocket Agenda? or the Porte Valeurs?

    I have one, but am thinking about selling it. I need a bit more room to write on. If you want something for your bills, check out the Yen and Card holder.
  5. I have this in mono and use it everyday as a checkbook holder. :heart: it! =)
  6. me too!
  7. I have one in red epi and use it as a checkbook holder.