Long~ past due PIXss! It's all Saks's EGC & Price Hike's Fault!

Eeek! My forgiving, drop dead gorgeous and uber skinny Chanel lover sisters, please hear me out: would you forgive me for not posting these pix? Finally can bent over to take pix (was in an accident, but on speedy recovery!), so here you go! The White EW have my fav~ Bijoux (sp?) chain :love:, which is soo forgiving on my narrow shoulder! Gave up LV Verone Lockit PM (had a poll here too, thanks for voting! After check that color IRL.....er NO REGRETS!:lol:) for the Glazed Hobo, it's my all time favorite Chanel! It already got some scratch on it :shame: since last EGC event, but it kind of reminds me of scars on a man's chest...that 'been there, done that' sexy attitude *sigh* :girlsigh:

The bracelet is my shameless copy after seeing Pchan's Chanel in Action thread, the way bracelet dangles from her wrist while holding a champagne glasses....so graceful! Except it unhook it self twice out of three time i wore it, not a delicate gal at all LOL :nogood: Had no intension to get the Timeless Clutch in black lambskin, but after notice it's the last chance i can get it before price hike.... it followed me home, too bad the red interior one shows signs of handle or I'd love to have red interior than black:s anyone know why there's red and black interior? The belt/necklace is a must have accessory, it's an all season belt and double as necklace for winter clothes :yes:

Oh and the pearls, haven't figure out what to do with it, but just want to get it so i won't kick myself again after another i-already-lost-count-of-how-many price hike :P: Seriously, if Chanel keep at the paste of increase, we'll all be rich in few years haha! Sorry no model pix, don't want to steal the thunder of Chanel....don't hit me, just jk! *dash*




Nov 8, 2006
Long Island, NY
Very nice congrats on your goodies..I purchased the pearls too but wound up returning..I loved the way other ladies here look in them, but they just didn't work on me


Feb 25, 2007
Congrats on all of them especially the e/w and the clutch!:nuts:
I wish you a speedy recovery too!TAke care!:flowers:


Sep 26, 2006
your collection is lovely :love:and i'm glad chanel shopping helps you feel better;)....continued better health for you!:flowers: