Long overdue REVEAL !!!


May 12, 2011
So I got this bag a while ago (feels like ages ago) the shipping was a disaster, somehow ebay sent the seller the wrong address, it went to my old apartment in Montreal and then returned to sender, then the seller resent it to my current address but there was a debate over who paid shipping, I ended up paying bc the seller was very ****ed off but I wanted this piece so bad and I wasnt about to give it up over paying $10 more for shipping. So I paid the $10 (I got a super deal on it, $122 plus 18$ shipping then $10 moe for second shipping aka $150 total!!! new its like $365 plus tax). Got the bag back in middle of November and just never got around to a reveal. I have used it a couple nights out as my clutch and a few times as just a smaller, hand held day clutch/bag. I absolutely love it and DBF loves it so much that he wants one .... too bad they are so hard to find since it was discontinued in damier ebene a while ago. I wish LV would bring it back as a stock item in damier ebene and maybe even azur !!!

Instant Reveal: Presenting my preloved Damier Ebene Toiletry Pouch 26!!! :biggrin:

I love that this piece can be used as a clutch, toiletry pouch, hold small items in my suitcase etc. Also the damier pattern really suits this piece IMO. It makes it less "toiletry pouch" like and more classy and elegant. I think it can more easily pass as a clutch in damier as compared to mono. I really wish they would just start making them again as part of the current collection!!!


Nov 20, 2010
What a great way to end this year with this beauty. I so want that TP 26. Congrats on getting that beauty.