LONG overdue pics!

  1. Hi all! I'm starting this off with an apology to my RAOK buddy, plzrck, as well as everyone who's been anxiously awaiting pics from me for weeks now! First, I had technical (well, dh related) problems - lost camera, then camera being left at dh's work. Then, I've been both pretty busy at work, where the good computer connection is, and also pretty ill recently (for good reason - I'm pregnant - it's early, but I'm sharing the news b/c I'm already starting to show! YIKES!), so I haven't been able to post the pics I finally took.

    But here, they are! the flower keyfob, cell lanyard and sandals are the things I got at the PCE . . . The windchime and candle are things from a package my RAOK buddy sent me (along with a coloring book for my daughter that she has confiscated and wouldn't even let me borrow for a pic! LOL!), and a group shot of all the lovely things my RAOK buddy gave me for my final gift (again, minus a couple of things - other stuff for my daughter and I must admit, I already ate most of the mini hershey bars she sent!)

    Again, so sorry for taking so long!
    PCE 1.JPG PCE shoes 1.JPG RAOK candle.JPG RAOK final goodies.JPG RAOK windchime.JPG
  2. I REALLY like your keyfob and matching cell lanyard! TOO CUTE!!! Congrats on your RAOK gifts... and CONGRATS on your new baby!!! How exciting... is it a boy or a girl, if you don't mind me asking! How precious!!! :yes:

    YAY for Baby Willowsmom... lol...
  3. Congrats on the new baby!!! Very nice gifts and purchases!!
  4. Congrats on your new baby!!!

    I love your PCE purchses those shoes are so pretty, and your keyfob and lanyard are so cute!

    You had an incredible ROAK buddy your gifts are awesome!

    I love that little bag from your Roak buddy. I was wondering who made it? I would love to get one.
  5. Willowsmom..congrats on the new addition to the family:biggrin: you must be very happy. Thanks for taking out the time to post your raok things, there adorable. I really love the windchime.
  6. Thanks txcollege girl! It's actually WAAAY early - to the point where most people aren't even sharing the news, but as I mentioned, everyone in my family (and at work) already knows, so I'm sharing the news here - it also more easily explains why I've been so lax in posting lately - between my work schedule (40 hours in 4 days, so I work three 11 hour days which literally knock me on my a$$!) and just feeling queasy 24/7, I'm not online as much as I have been in the past! I do miss you guys though. And believe me, once I find out what I'm having, I'll post all the details. And it looks like I should probably change my userid or else this kid will have a complex! LOL!
  7. congratz on your pregnancy! you must be excited! my sister just had a baby and we still can't get over it.

    basically i heart babies and your coach and RAOK items.
  8. Ok, wow! A ton of people posted while I was responding to the first one! Thanks to all!

    Silversea - the little tote is from Bath and Body Works - it was what all the stuff came in and it's adorable (has also been coveted by my daughter!).
  9. congrats on your new little one! How exciting!

    and lovely coach/roak items...but the little one inside you is the best gift of all!
  10. :yahoo: Yea!! Willow's gonna be a big sister!

    Lovely pics, of all of your items!! They are all great - and I can't wait to catch ROAK next time around. Love the Rhea sandals!! I am still debating those myself!!

    Congratulations on all of your finds!!!

    ( LOL... you might have to put "And Baby 'Insert Name here' too!" as your title under your name!!)
  11. congrats!!
  12. LOL b4b! Once I know what we're having, I'll definitely do that!

    Thanks again everyone!
  13. Congrats on your news! hmmm coach baby bag?
  14. I saw the pic of the sandals and thought WHOA:nuts: , she has a great buddy! LOL! Then I read on! Great gifts.

    I started to show at, like, 6 weeks with my second daughter. I was mortified, but they say you "pop" quicker after your first. Who knew! CONGRATS!!
  15. Love your flower charms!

    Congrats on being preggers! Hope is going good for you