long overdue pics of my new babies *pics*

  1. hi to all of you lovely ladies!

    so i have been busy these past few weeks that i haven't been able to post pics of my new chanels. anyway, here are the pics;

    Metallic Black Luxury Bowler:love:

    Les Marais Dark Brown Flap :heart:
  2. Black Patent Clutch:love:

    Black Camellia Tri-fold Wallet:heart:
  3. I love your les marais flap... Does it come in black? Thanks..
  4. WOW ... congrats, they are all gorgeous! I love the Les Marais flap ... I remember seeing a pic of one on here and thinking nice it was. And the Black Patent Clutch is so classy!
  5. Congrats on all your new bags, all are beautiful. The wallet and clutch are also very pretty. I really love the Metallic Black Luxury Bowler, and one day still hope to own one.
  6. Congrats they're great bags :yes:!I love the lux bowler and the fabulous patent clutch!:love:
  7. Gorgeous darling!:heart::flowers:
  8. cutiekiara- yes there's a black les marais flap:yes:
  9. Congrats! love your new goodies, esp. the luxury bowler:tup::smile:
  10. you have been busy!! congrats on your new babies, they are beautiful!!!
  11. Moonstarr, Michele, chanelspell, envyme, thegraceful1, Savannah- thank you so much ladies :heart:
  12. Oh my!! These are three amazing bags -- I especially love the brown Le Marais flap:heart:. Thanks for sharing -- beautiful!!!
  13. great selection of chanels... love the bowler and that brown is a great shade. i have the clutch in cav and have been thinking about getting the patent - yours looks amazing. congrats!
  14. What a great haul!
    I'm really loving you bowler (it's my HG hehe)
  15. :heart: all your choices :love: