Long overdue pics of my 05 TURQUOISE WORK

  1. i got this a while back and somethings been wrong with my camera lately. i think, i should stop buying bags and invest in a new camera.:Push:
    the pics are a bit fuzzy, but here's one of my favorite colors. i wanted to share with you guys.

    (1st pic is with flash, 2nd pic is without flash)
    turqworkflash.jpg turqworknoflash.jpg turqworkclose.jpg
  2. more pics of me carrying it. i love the work style!:love: the best everyday bag!
    turqwork1.jpg turqwork2.jpg turqwork3.jpg
  3. Oooh, its gorgeous!! Even with a dodgy camera, you take great pictures esile, especially of wearing it. Looks like there might be a Work in my future!
  4. i love the color and it looks great on you!!!
  5. Oh wow... love love love it and it looks SO great on you!!!
  6. That is such a gorgeous and vibrant color! It looks fantastic on you!
  7. englishgirl, you definitely need a work in your future!:graucho:

    ladies, thanks for the nice words.
  8. wow, its beautiful! I neverthought about buying a work because I thought it would be too big. But I may have to go look at the Ink ones on ebay and reconsider! Do you use it as a handbag or just for work stuff, travel, etc? I'm 5'9 tall so it would get lost on me, but I dont want to look like I'm carrying a suitcase either. Love the bag !
  9. The size fits you so well. Beautiful!
  10. Oh my Garsh!! It is Beautiful!!! The leather, the color... YOWZA!! You look so great wearing all of these larger bags, Esile!!!!
  11. Ohhh esile~ this is the most beautiful color ever!:love: You wear it so beautifully!:heart:
  12. That is my dream bag~~Love it:crybaby:
  13. i'm only 5'5''. it's not that big on me. i use the works most often as my everyday bag... and also use the weekender. i actually sold all my cities... thinking they were too small for me, but recently i am giving the city another run. (just got an anis city.)
  14. thanks for all the nice compliments. :love:

    this truly is the best blue of all the balenciag blues!
  15. wooohooo pics! it's so pretty on you esile! :love: