Long overdue pic of my new,first-ever leather Prada!

  1. Ive never owned an all-leather prada and been dreaming to have one for years:rolleyes:. All my other pradas are mixed with nylon and leather. So I finally took the plunge a month ago when I saw this beauty and had to take her home with me since she was the last piece at the store. So here she is after having her for over a month! Its soooooo soft!!! The gold hardware has a matte finish which sort of gives it a vintage look. Love love love her:heart::heart::yahoo:!!! So classy and fits tons of stuff!!! Been getting tons of compliments and stares with this bag:graucho:
    leather prada.JPG leather prada 1.JPG
  2. I haven't seen this style before! It's cute!
  3. such a beauty :love: congrats for your purchase..
  4. Very versatile bag. Congrats!
  5. here are modelling pics....
    prada.JPG prada2.JPG prada3.JPG
  6. Congrats- love the shape!
  7. Great style it looks very nice on you!
  8. very nice. What is the name of this bag? If you dont mind me asking, how much was it? beautiful bag
  9. Oh I love...Congrats!!! What season is this from?
  10. gorgeous bag and looks nice on you.. ;)
  11. love the bag...:tup:
  12. Thanks everyone!!! Oh my....I totally forgot the name of this bag LOL but the authenticity card says VIT. DAINO, ART. BR3844. I got it in december and the SA said it was fairly new. Still cant figure out what she meant about fairly new LOL I got it for about $2200 Singapore dollars which is around $1520+US dollars.
  13. Great bag! I have the chevron dome bowler bag in dark brown and I love mine as well! Nothing classier than PRADA! LOL
  14. congrats! looks great on you!
  15. Stunning! Congrats!