Long-overdue Botkier #3: Logan in Navy!

  1. Congrats Starkfan! Isn't it just gorgeous? I have the exact same bag and I love it!
  2. that's a gorgeous bag!
  3. What a beauty! I normally don't do navy, but I think I need to make an exception for this gorgeous bag!
  4. Thanks, pinkrubies, musicalhouses, and 53baglady! :biggrin: I've got this baby out again today as well, and I really love how it looks and how that gorgeous lambskin feels!
  5. Sigh. I wish I was taller...the bag looked too big on me. And it's sooo beautiful!!
  6. Very nice bag!!!! I think I have to look into thier collection after looking at your reveal Congrats
  7. Love this bag! Thanks for all of the detailed and beautiful pictures starkfan. I first purchased the Howard last season in the Natural Snake color, which I LOVE even though I'm not typically into prints. In fact, I'm usually not into colors either. I would say that the majority of my bag collection is black. Boring, I know. But for some reason with Botkiers the colors really get me. What sold me on the Logan (whose shape is a bit similar to the Howard) is the styling and the leather. It's unbelievably soft and slouchy. Your Navy leather actually looks a bit more structured and thick than the Moss or Burgundy leathers. What do you think? I've been obsessively looking at pictures for the past week or so of this bag in different colors. I'm sick.

    On a side note, I noticed you ladies talking about how great it would be if Botkier made the Howard in a Navy. I saw on the Botkier website blog that the Howard is being re-issued in a few new colors! Check it out!

    starkfan, do you think you might be able to post a few more pics of your bag now that you've had it for awhile and it's broken in a bit? I can't get enough of this bag!
  8. Thanks, novalemon! From what I've seen of pics of Burgundy online, and from what I can recall of seeing the Burgundy Logan in person some time ago, yep, I think the Navy Logan may be a tad more structured than the Burgundy Logan. The Navy leather is still soft, but not that slouchy (though that could also be due to the inherent shape of the bag). The leather does also feel a little bit thicker than some of the other lambskin Botkiers I have (black Aiden crossbody hobo and crinkle black Venice Feed Bag), though I can't recall how it compares to Burgundy and I haven't seen Moss in person.

    I haven't really broken my Logan in, frankly, as this is more of a weekend bag than a work bag for me (all those zippers and tassels are just a tad too funky for my office!). I really should try to use it more often! :p Will try to post more pics if I get it more broken in... ;)

    And yep, I've seen the new colours of the Howard St satchel -- love the Indigo!! It's a pity that they're exclusives only for Nordies, though, as I generally try not to pay full retail, and shipping would be an additional killer for me (I don't live in the US)...
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    I love my Howard St satchels, don't get me wrong, but functionally, leather-wise and structure-wise, the Logan, in my humble opinion, blows the Howard St out of the water. Even the way it sits and hangs is less awkward. However, I do agree, the new exclusive colors are definitely drool-worthy. I only hope that Monica will decide to keep the Logan around and bring it back in new leathers and colors sometime down the road.

    starkfan you need to take more weekend excursions! I want to see that Navy bag all loved and smooshy. Really, I just need an excuse to keep asking you for more and more photos of it . . .:blush:

    And I agree. I can't remember the last time I paid full retail for a handbag, or anything for that matter. It's so hard when you know how much your price is inflated!
  10. I had to check in on the logan thread! After dallying with some other purses for a few months, I took my navy logan out this weekend, and remembered how much I love it! It's so lightweight, looks amazing but isn't an obvious brand and not everyone has one, the leather is so soft (even my husband pats it when I bring it out), the handles are really soft, I love all the pockets. I even fit a large box of kleenex in there for a brunch!

    Sigh ... I hope they bring this one back in new colors! I would love a deep true red with silver hardware ....
  11. very nice!
    soft leather and multiple outside pockets :biggrin:
  12. I have Logan in burgundy, and I agree with all of the above! A great light weight bag with functional pockets.
  13. nice pics! I have one in blk and love it!