Long Necklaces!!!!

  1. I like long necklaces! A more stylish way is to wear more than one long necklaces the same time to get a layering look, I think. Of course, they must be in different styles. For example, a thick necklace and a thin chain, or a dark color necklace with a light color one. You know, layering is hot!
  2. I was just thinking that I want to look for some long necklaces to layer up this Fall. I'm having trouble finding what I want, though. Any good suggestions for buying online?
  3. You can get some very interesting layer effects by taking shorter ones you already own, hooking them together and looping them around until you get the look you like...
  4. They have some nice just simple chains at tiffanys
  5. I like the idea of connecting chains to each other and then looping around your necks. Gives you texture and interest. Great idea!
  6. I love my Tiffany's long necklace...I have the one with the oval tag and the heart tag :smile:

    They are so versatile!
  7. I love wearing layered long necklaces. Depending on the piece(s), it can look hip/funky or even a bit Coco Chanel.

    I own this sterling/18k/pearl David Yurman long necklace. I think its about six strands joined together by a clasp in the back. It glams up any outfit I wear it with.

    [​IMG] [​IMG]
    David Yurman necklace.JPG David Yurman necklace (closeup).JPG