Long motif necklace Vs pendant


Feb 19, 2012
I've been a long time admirer of the 20-motif look and love how others rock it on this forum. However, I've come to the realisation that I only wear pendant necklaces. I just don't touch any of my long necklaces because I find them cumbersome, so my wishlist may need some heavy culling as it stands.

I was wondering if anyone went through a style journey, progressing from preferring simple VCA single pendant necklaces to the multiple motifs?

Was it a case of taking the plunge and going straight for the 20-motif, or did you dip your toe in first with a 10 motif and then added to it?

Or perhaps you're firmly on the pendant boat because budget not withstanding, it is your preferred style?


Jan 5, 2015
Not sure that I'm the target audience of this post, since I also generally prefer pendants or necklaces that are high on my neck like the 10 motif (I don't have one yet, but would love to get one within the next couple of years). Plus 20 motifs are way out of reach for me financially. Even still, I don't think I would buy one because I do have some longer necklaces, like Chanel costume jewelry that I never wear long. I find it always gets caught on something when I wear it that way and bend over, or swings and hits something. I'm just too clumsy for long swingy necklaces, and they don't fit my lifestyle.


Feb 7, 2009
Vancouver, BC
I mirror what the above poster said, I also prefer pendants in general and the 20 motif is too expensive for me to consider, and I'd rather put the money towards something else. I have some long necklaces (not from VCA) but I rarely wear them because I'm pretty busty, so the long necklaces tend to swing around too much.
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Sep 27, 2013
I personally wear short or long pendants. I really love the long Magic pendants since they can be worn long or short! Plus, I think they work well casually. I'd love to have at least one 20 motif, but I think I'd have to have a 5 to extend it to be the right length.
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Notorious Pink

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Jun 8, 2007
New York
I’m the opposite. I started with a pendant and wore it for quite some time until I realized it just wasn’t me... it was just getting lost on me. I prefer 10 or 20, although the magic pendant is also a good size for me.
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Detective Hermès!
Jul 7, 2006
20s top choice.
10s as fun additions. 20s as staples/foundational pieces. You have the choice of long or short with a 20. For what they are, they are quite expensive. But they are magical in person. I’m just annoyed they are semi precious stones.
I would not collect pendants and save for the 10 or 20. You’d be surprised how much you spend on smaller stuff and how it could have added up to something much bigger had you stuck through.


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Oct 12, 2012
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I should have said I also think the vintage pendants are too small on me. I do prefer 10 (or 20) in that size motif. The only vintage pendant I have is the pave. I might do the classic solid gold in a 20 eventually since I already have the bracelet.
+1. I have tried the single vintage pendant many times thinking I wanted it, only to determine it is just too small. 10 motif is my top pick, with a 5 motif bracelet for extension. 20 gets caught on stuff.


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May 5, 2010
At home
I love the look of the 10 motif. It’s so regal. And the 20 is just easy luxury, and so fabulous. I admire so many pics here with these fabulous ladies rocking them on a daily basis. But unfortunately I discovered I am not even really a pendant person period. I have bought my fair share and I force myself to wear them because I have them and they’re beautiful. But they are not really me. The weight bothers me. I’m going to size down even further. If I don’t like the sweet pendant then I am just giving up. The only necklace I wear daily, 24/7 really, is a solitaire pendant, which I keep on because I forget it’s on. With VCA I discovered I am really a bracelet and earrings girl. I get the most wear out of them. So VCA has been a super fun journey of self discovery for me. Love every step.


Feb 19, 2012
Really interesting reading, thanks guys!

It sounds like there is a mixture of opinions and experiences (as is to be expected)! Though given that such preferences does indeed seem to change as time and age progresses, I'll periodically 'test' my tastes again to see if if start to like long necklaces. I'm sure my bank account will thank me :lol:


BV nut
Jan 12, 2007
Pacific Northwest
I recently started wearing pendants after a long break. In my 20s they seemed easier to wear? I‘ve only been wearing long necklaces in my 30s. So I had all of my 16s lengthened 2 inches or more and that seems to have done the trick to make them feel more current. I’m also layering daintier 16 pieces or doubling my long necklaces for more versatility.
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Jun 23, 2007
1st purchase - long magic pendant
2nd purchase - single pendant
3rd purchase - 10 motif
4th pendant - 20 motif

I wear all of them...love all too....lots of choices
May 29, 2010
Long necklaces look awkward on me. They never lay right and seem to always move to one side of my body to the other. So the long magic pendant or 20 motif just wouldn’t work no matter what my budget was. I prefer to frame my face. So my first piece was a 10 Motif. It was perfect for me. I did add 1 pendant- Holiday 2018. I am considering the grey mother of pearl pendant but won’t even consider looking at purchasing one until life is closer back to normal. I only want to buy it in person and I’m not going into a store anytime soon. For age reference I’m almost 39.


Dec 3, 2011
I preferred 20motifs and my first necklace with vca was a 20 motifs. U can wear it doubled and short, also long and hanging. I love that about the 20. You can also wear it dressed up with formal. I think pendant is more limited to daily wear where 20 motif you can dress up or dress down.
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Feb 19, 2012
At least the beauty of VCA is that there are quite a few ways to extend the 10 motif with the bracelets etc so there are options.

It is rather fun to chew the cud over this during lockdown at least :smile: