long, long weekend...

  1. I hate the fact that I have to work every other weekend. I worked 7a - 7p on Saturday and Sunday...then 7a - 11p today. I'm exhausted. I was so busy at work... my patient (a 27 week preemie) was getting sick so we were doing all these workups on him. didn't clock out tonight til 12:01 because I had to write up an incident report on our stupid lab. Why can't the lab ever get anything right? Does any other hospital have this problem? Ahhh...I'm exhausted, and just babbling. So what do I do when I get home? You'd think that I'd head straight for my bed, but nope...here I am on tPF, with my bowl of brownies and vanilla ice cream. :p
  2. I'm sorry you had a crappy day ... but I wanted to thank you for doing what you do!
  3. swee7bebe, are you a nurse? I hope you get tomorrow off. Well, relax and enjoy your ice cream.
  4. yes i'm a nurse...neonatal intensive care. and yup, i'm off for a week!
  5. Wow that is some exhausting hours...but thank you for what you do...:flowers:
  6. sorry about your work! I hope you get to relax and enjoy your free time!
  7. Tonight is my first night back after 5 days off and I am soooo not in the mood!! I never even think about work when I'm not here. Enjoy your week off!

    And yes, our lab f*cks up, too. I had this patient who was all set to go down for a kidney transplant when the lab called with a positive tox screen (opiates and something else, I can't remember what). This lady was in her 60s! I questioned her about anything she might have taken recently but she couldn't come up with a thing. The surgeon was all set to cancel her surgery and send her home! I drew another specimen and sent it to the lab, and surprise surprise, that one came back negative! It turns out the lab equipment hadn't been properly cleaned. The patient was just relieved that she would be getting her transplant after all, but I would've been pissed.
  8. ^^ wow, that's horrible! holding up a transplant surgery because the equipment wasn't properly cleaned. last night my baby had a sodium level of 133. they started giving sodium supplements and wanted to see if it went up. so i drew the metabolic panel and a blood gas at 2p, got really busy so i wasn't able to check on the results. when the drs came around at 11pm rounds asking for the results, neither of the results were in the computer. the lab had called me around 2:30 with the results of the gas so it was definitely run. when i called the lab, i was told that there was NO SPECIMEN and no order. how the hell can there be no specimen when i sent it the same time as the gas? and how did a label print out for specimen if there was no order? plus, the results of the gas were not entered into the computer. when the dr called the lab said that they called up the results...the dr complained that even if i was called w/ the results, how were they to know that it was accurate if it was not entered into the computer? and she complained about the metabolic panel not being run. i had faxed the order along with a "c" next to it, indicating that it was completed already to the lab (hehe...smart me). miraculously, the specimen was found and they entered it into the computer system at 11:45pm. urgh. it takes a resident to call them for them to do something right. guess the nurse isn't important enough for them to get off their butts to look for the specimen. our lab sucks so much. sorry for the rant...i'm still annoyed at them.
  9. welcome to a lab's environment!! hope u're enjoying ur brownies :flowers: