Long locked purse as clutch?

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  1. Hi Ladies,
    I've fallen in love with the plum colour from this season, but I'm not such a fan of glossy buffalo (which is just as well. Had the Bays been plum NVT, I'd have been living on Tesco value weetabix for the month!!). Basically, I need to justify buying this purse:biggrin:. If anyone has the long locked purse, do you think it could be used as a clutch bag? Do you think it would work with a ribbon or twilly as a shoulder strap? TIA!
  2. Hi pooky83

    I had the Oak LLP which I used as a purse for a very short time.(Sold it as couldn't get away with the lock sticking out) I don't think you could put much in regarding using it as a bag IMO. It does seem to have the ability to expand at the base but then if you could get this to happen I am not convinced the lock would close.:wondering

    Also I can not think how you would attach a strap as the front flap lifts up completely so anything threaded under it would mean the purse would just drop off when you opened it.:nuts:

    However, having said that it was still a great size and I suppose you could use it as a small clutch if you only wanted to put some money, lipstick and poss keys in it.

    Not sure if this help, see what the others think as I may be corrected.:graucho:
  3. I think size wise it could be used as a clutch but it wouldnt carry much I dont think and it may still look like just a purse! I agree with Tarababe, strings may just fall off and it could all become a bit fiddly. My thoughts would be to use without a strap
  4. Thanks for your thoughts Tara and Jaydee. I think I'll knock the idea of it as a clutch on the head, but I might still consider getting it. Will have to do a bit of investigating later when I'm in town. Thanks again!
  5. I love my llp, it's not big enough for a night out. But it's fine for essentials strictly, I put my phone and lip balm in it when I'm going for lunch, and it's fine. Doesn't hold much else though!
  6. Thanks Thea!

    I had a look at the plum llp in town today- it's definitely going to be requested from Santa!!! Also had a look at the pouch in the same colour, but it's in glossy buffalo, which just doesn't have the same effect on me. It feels a bit plasticy to me. It's an absolute shame Mulberry didn't produce it in NVT.
  7. Unfortunately my "small" bags are limited to what will still hold an asthma inhaler, which rules out an awful lot.
    Hope Santa brings you what you ask for pooky! ;)
  8. Thanks Wulie! The little belt bags on the website might work with your inhaler if you're ever looking for something like that! Haven't seen them in the flesh, but they look cute!
  9. I have a long locked purse and I love it! I wouldn't use it as a clutch for evenings out, but it is handy to just be able to carry the purse when running down to the cafe, etc. and have it still look fabulous.
  10. Hi GE,
    I had a look at it today, and have to agree that it doesn't really work as a clutch. I think i was just trying to justify buying today, as i'm going to a wedding next week! I think i'll just have to wait a while, and start dropping ginormous hints to BF/Santa. Do you think setting it as a screensaver would be subtle enough?!lol
  11. Pooky doesn't the iPhone holder come in plum now? Would that be enough to satisfy your plum lust?:biggrin:
  12. Don't tempt me MulberryFloss!!! I've already tried to nick my mother's iphone, since my phone's an old brick. The holder would be perfect for hiding it!!!
  13. You also have the Charlie in Plum drummed patet, the ones who's got it on here seems very pleased with how much such a small bag holds! =)