long lasting shiny lip stick/gloss????

  1. anyone recomend a long lasting shiny lipstick or gloss? Going to a blacktie event, would like lips too look good without too many touchups! Thanks!
  2. MAC Tinted Lipglass, lasts quite long but is very sticky. Giorgio Armani Shine Lipgloss also lasts long without being too sticky. Chanel Glossimer has the best colors... so just take a look at them ;)
  3. Mac or Lancome Juicy Tubes!
  4. Too-faced
  5. the one Im currently trying now are the lipfusion ones...it doesnt plump but stays on pretty darn long LOL
  6. chanel cristalle in ice
  7. I like the MAC Lipglass for lipgloss. It stays on the longest for a gloss.

    MAC also has a liquid lipstick and topcoat product that stays on or 8 hours or more. There are different topcoats you can use with it such as glossy, matte, or shimmer. The lipstick and the gloss topcoat look the same as the lipglass products. The only downside is the color selection - they only make something like 20-30 colors.
  8. Have you considered a Senegence colour plus a gloss? They last for ages and the glosses are lovely with some great evening styles too.
  9. I second the lancome juicy tubes. Apply it over a lippy.
  10. I second Chanel Glossimers. They last and last... plus, the tube is chic, and they have tons of colors!
  11. Chanel Glossimer gets my vote too! just make sure you whether a good lip liner underneath and it should stay on the whole night. I wore it for my wedding and it lasted many hours not needing touch up!

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