Long Lasting Nailpolish

  1. Any suggestions:idea: ? Dior and MAC chips in approx. 3 days. I'm sick of doing my nails twice a week. I can't remember how Chanel holds... Maybe you gals have suggestions for a great top coat.
  2. The OPI I am wearing lasted from last Thursday, I wish it would have gone a little longer.
  3. I'm a loyal Essie fan. It goes on great and lasts a long time. Somehow, my manicurist waves a magic wand or something, because it lasts a full week with no chips. When I do it myself, it's more like 4-5 days.
  4. Hmmm. Not too bad...
  5. Yeah, how the hell do they make it last so long? I want to know!!! Argh!
  6. seche vite is a good topcoat
  7. I totally agree. Essie is the best. Just make sure you use a good top coat.
  8. I usually use OPI and Orly- the Orly by far lasts the longest for me, and I'm not careful w/ my nails.
  9. I always use OPi or Essie, but for a base and top coat, I use this polish called "Mystic Nail". My bf's mom orders it online- it's only like $2 a bottle, but it works so well. If you use it as base/top coat, then reapply every other day, it lasts so long without any chips that your nails will grow out first!
  10. The best technique that worked on natural nails for me when I was doing them professionally is to use OPI natural nails basecoat,sometimes with OPI anti chip treatment underneath, then two coats of an OPI color letting it dry completely between coats and then the UV cure topcoat over it cured in a UV machine. Since that is not a home technique,the second best thing was the Heat Cure topcoat by OPI-you hold it up to a lightbulb for a minute or two and it cures.
  11. Essie has a product called "To Dry For" that is a top coat and dryer in one. It makes the Essie colours last a lot longer. I must say I do my nails at least twice a week because I want a change in colour by then anyway.

    I wish you well,

  12. the best results I've had with nail polish as far as longer lasting has been Sally Hansen's Xtreme Wear. They come in rounder shaped bottles. There is a clear top coat also. When I polish my toes the color never chips or looks dull! It lasts soo long.

    I do love my Chanel Boa polish but I find that it starts to chip a bit sooner than the Sally polish.
  13. I've tried Essie, OPI and others. The only nail polish I've found that lasts more than two days on me is my old standby, REVLON. Tried and true, since I was a teenager.
  14. revlon color stay is awesome. opi is really good too....better actually, b/c i like the color selection better.

    i think it really has a lot to do with which topcoat you use. when i don't use a topcoat and reapply daily, my opi mani will chip within two days. if i'm religious about the topcoat, it'll last a week. i'm sick of the color by the time i HAVE to change it. i :heart: nailtek topcoats (and base coat for that matter).
  15. As long as I use Seche Vite (fast drying top coat) it doesn't matter what brand I use-I have natural nails and unless I am doing a lot of wire-work my manicures last at least a week.