Long Lasting Lipstick that won't dry out lips

  1. I need a long lasting lipstick, I have to keep applying the ones I wear now like 100 times a day, any suggestions? I also don't want one that will dry out my lips.
  2. My suggestion is to try a lip stain (like Benefit's Benetint or Stila's Lip Rouge pens) and wear a clear gloss on top (or a beneficial balm like Rosebud Salve or Blistex).
    OR MAC Pro Longwear Lip Color. All you would need to do is reapply the clear coat over the color, and the colors are soooo much better than the longlast ones that Covergirl and Revlon have put out. I have reapplied the clear coat during the day without a mirror. Easy, and you will forget you have anything on your lips!!
  3. Urban decay vice lipstick
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  4. I find the Givenchy lipsticks are very long wearing and moisturising.
  5. If you specifically want a lipstick I would go for chanel matte lipsticks. They are not drying unlike other lipsticks and the matte allows for a longer wear.
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  6. colourpop if use use tiny bit of lip balm first. I first apply the lip balm, do my whole makeup and then apply the lipstick.
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  7. LOVE Maybelline Matte Ink! Lasts all day, mostly you don't even need a touch-up after eating, doesn't feel dry.
  8. Beauty Bakerie's Lip Whips


    If you search for reviews you'll see how amazing it is. I use them & don't find they dry my lips. You can eat and have a full day and they won't budge.
  9. Skindinavia/Urban Decay Makeup Setting Spray is great.
  10. Hourglass Lip Stylos always and forever!
  11. I love Tatouage Couture liquid matte lip stain. It's ideal for anyone with a busy work schedule. It lasts well, with only one quick touch needed at the end of the day, after three coffees, two glasses of water and lunch.
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  12. Same hear, LOVE it!
  13. Their life is just 6 months once opened which i hate !
  14. Bobbi Brown luxe lip color range. Extremely hydrating and the color stays on.
  15. Milani, Sleek, or Bobbi Brown
    They all work for me.