Long Jeans, Short Gals!

  1. For those in the same situation, how do you alter your jeans? The part I really don't like is that you usually have to do away with the lining at the edges. (The lining that goes around the end of the pant leg, the "ankles" of the pant, if you will. Goodness, there must be a correct word for it.) Does anyone know what I'm talking about? :confused1:

    I know I should just buy petite-sized jeans, but I really don't want to part with the Lacoste one I have -- the crocodile on the backpocket is just too cute! :heart:
  2. I am short too. I was told by my alteration lady that you can keep the original hem..they would cut the whole hemat the bottom, cut the jeans to the right length, and sew the original hem on. You can request this to be done.
  3. Thanks for the tip!
  4. I have the same problem. Usually I just wear high heels or scrunch the fabric on a pile(when wearing skinnys)

  5. I do too. I'm worried about ruining my jeans.
  6. i glue hem all my jeans with the original hem
  7. Glue hem? Do you use fabric glue and basically iron your jeans?
  8. i use glue (fabri-tac) basically in place of thread. no ironing. its great because if you want to sell your jeans, you can just use acetone to dissolve the glue and they're like new again. helps keep their value. and its saves money :biggrin:
  9. Yes! Especially in the winter when there's plenty of yuckiness on the ground. And I'm not into the whole "frayed" look either.
  10. I do a French seam on mine, then roll the excess inside my jeans and iron them. I've taken them to the cleaner before, and they made a brand new pair of Seven Jeans too short! Since them I do all my seams myself.
  11. I'm short too, only 5 ft 2!!

    I take all my jeans to my fiancee's tailor to take them up, he even makes the twisted seams on TR's look great, they dont look obviously altered.
  12. Im only 5'1/2" so I wear big shoes. Heels with a little platform. Another thing that works is getting skinny jeans and tucking them in some really hot boots!!
  13. I also ask my tailor to keep the original hem, it definitely makes a different.
  14. Often, the department stores have in house tailors. They will keep the original hem. My advice, always go a little long in case they shrink up in the wash. I've had too many pairs made too short.