Long Island Wineries

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  1. I suppose this should be placed in Deals & Steals since I'm looking for something not too expensive.

    My friends and I (6-8 people) will be going out to Riverhead and we want to go to wineries but none of us want to drive. We looked into wine tours but they are like $100 per person for the limo. We don't need anything extravagant and we don't need lunch included.

    Does anyone know how we can hire a driver to take us from winery to winery (maybe 5 wineries) and not spend a crazy amount of money? Like I said, it's not a special occasion, we just want to go for the day so we don't want to have to spend $700 on a limo.
  2. http://www.vintagetour1.com/

    Vintage Tours with Jo-Ann. Did it last year and it was great! Email or call her with any questions she is super nice.

  3. ive done the li wine tour 2x now, once with my bf, and then again last month with a group of 8 friends. i have to say, its TOTALLY worth the $117 per person we paid (and that includes the EVERYTHING, entry to the wineries, all transportation, tip to the driver, lunch, taxes, etc). if thats the route you want to go, i would suggest booking with li vineyard tours (http://livineyardtours.com/) and request "uncle bob" for the driver. to be honest, each vineyard alone will cost you anywhere from $8-$20 for the tastings anyway, and its so much more fun if everyone is involved. being the dd on a trip like that would most definitely not be too much fun.

    if you want to plan one out on your own, i can give you a few pointers about which wineries are worth going to, and which ones arent so great. either way, theyre a BLAST! also, if your a hamptonite, next time you go, make sure to check out wolffer vineyards in sagaponak, its absolutely amazing, and in my opinion, the best li wine by far, and they even have hourly tours of the vineyard and horse stables.