Long Island Lo LiLo!

  1. Lindsay Livin' Large on Long Island
    Posted Aug 5th 2007 8:50AM by TMZ Staff

    [​IMG]Move over Amy Fisher, there's a new Long Island Lolita in town! Driving-impaired diva Lindsay Lohan is laying low at her mom Dina's Long Island home. The New York Post reports that La Lohan flew from L.A. to New York with sister Ali on Friday. A cargo van stuffed with LiLo's suitcases stopped by the Merrick, N.Y., house yesterday.

    The trainwreckin' party princess is out on $25,000 bond after last month's disastrous DUI arrest. She's due in court on August 24, the same day she was to appear on previous DUI charges.
  2. What does that have to do with Amy Fisher? Did LiLo have an affair with some married man then shoot the wife in the head? I don't get the connection except the LI part??
  3. So she hasnt gone back to rehab? Im interested to see what happens in court.
  4. Amy Fisher was called Lolita because she had sex w/ a much older man.
    Lolita is MUCH older than Amy Fisher, that moniker has nothing to do w/ a shooting and wasn't originated by/for AF:nogood:
    LiLo has been "around" that's the spin off I guess, she's loose and in Long Island.
  5. Me too:pI 'am very interested!
  6. I understand what Lolita refers to. I just don't see how it refers to Lindsey. I don't follow her love life. I guess it was a slow news day in the tabloids.
  7. i wonder what is going to happen to her in court? I feel she really needs at least a year in jail. she is out of control and should be out of chances by now. she could have easily killed someone.
  8. it's just a silly play on words. . . nothing about LiLo should be taken too seriously ;)
  9. Interesting. I wish she'd get her act together, I actually liked some of her movies.
  10. Apparently, a movie executive has been quoted as saying her career is pretty much over now.

    I was watching a preview to I Know Who Killed Me and the preview showed her character dancing on a stripper pole. My first thought was, "Obviously, that club wasn't using their A Squad that night!"
  11. I am sad to say that there was a WHOLE VH1 special on today called "Lindsay Lohan: Hollywood Trainwreck". 30 minutes devoted to chronicalling her demise. Our society just LOVES to build 'em up to watch 'em fall....

    (And yes, of course I watched it.)

  12. Unfortunately, she doesn't take anything seriously either ! :cursing::cursing:
  13. 1. why the heck isn't she in rehab and 2. guess the terms of her bond let her leave town? i don't know about the law in this situation. guess she didn't murder anyone, so she could leave the state?
  14. I hope she smartens up.
  15. Also reported today Lindsay had checked into a rehab in Utah. The same rehab Mary-Kate Olsen and David Hasselhoff attended. No one really knows where Lindsay is but I really hope she is in rehab.

    "The Insider" Online breaks news that LINDSAY LOHAN has entered the Cirque Lodge drug and alcohol rehab in Sundance, Utah. According to sources within the facility, the 21-year-old star arrived this weekend to begin the intense rehabilitation program that is expected to last a minimum of 30 days.

    The center treats men and women over the age of 18. According to the Cirque Lodge Web site, upon check-in, a thorough mental and physical examination is completed.

    The Lodge was named by Town & Country magazine to be one of the country's top rehabs. For a price tag of $30,000 and up, the rehab offers privacy -- with rooms for 16 residents at a time. Rooms boast spectacular views, Jacuzzi tubs and private fireplaces, and stars such as MARY-KATE OLSEN and DAVID HASSELHOFF have reportedly sought treatment there.

    Until now, Lindsay was previously being held for her own well-being in Los Angeles, in a safe place and far away from the paparazzi, according to Lohan family friend GINA GLICKMAN.

    The 21-year-old is facing multiple charges: two misdemeanor charges of suspicion of driving under the influence and driving with a suspended license as well as two felony charges of possession of a controlled substance and bringing contraband into a custody facility.

    "The Insider" broke the news that Lindsay was arrested July 24th at the Santa Monica Civic Center parking lot shortly after 1:30 a.m. The actress was released at 6:20 a.m., according to authorities.

    It was early that Tuesday morning that the Santa Monica police received a call that one vehicle was chasing another. Officers arrived to the scene and it was believed Lindsay was the driver of the white SUV. The other occupants of the vehicle were released.

    Although no lawsuit has been filed against Lindsay, three men who say there were passengers in the car are making claims that their "vehicle was taken without their permission and they were unable to remove themselves while traveling, [and they were] endangered in that way," making it "false imprisonment." They are also claiming, amongst other things, emotional distress and negligence.

    In a press conference, a police spokesperson said the driver of the vehicle that Lindsay was chasing was the mother of one of her personal assistants. The mother, according to the spokesperson, then proceeded to call the police.

    Authorities tell "The Insider" they found cocaine in the pocket of Lindsay's pants. A breath test was also conducted and her blood alcohol level is said to have been between .12 and .13 percent. She was wearing her alcohol-detecting ankle bracelet at the time of her arrest.

    Just a few days earlier, the star checked herself into the Beverly Hills Police Station to be officially booked for a previous traffic violation in May, and the District Attorney's office was expected to formally charge her. Lindsay's arraignment is now set for Friday, August 24.