Long-Haul Flights...

  1. Ok ladies, what kind of beauty goodies would you have in your flight bag on a 13,000 mile journey?

    Unfortunately, I'll be flying to New Zealand in mid-April, and the second I get off the plane, my boyfriend will be there (I won't have seen him in five months by then), so looking the best I can is imperative!

    Please help! :shrugs:
  2. Definately, take some type of sleep aid, so that ideally you could get some rest. I steer clear of alcohol on transatlantic flights because it just ends up making me feel more puffy! I recommend lots of water and chapstick!
  3. I always carry a bottle Vichy or evian thermal water spray on transatlantic flights, because the air in those airplanes is so DRY!

    When I flew to see my boyfriend I sneaked into the bathroom even before customs and passport check to freshen up. I carried rouge, eyeliner, mascara, and eye shadow in my purse.
  4. Fresh has a 3-step skin care to help you get there refreshed and glowing.
    Take a bottle of water (they usually offer after dinner) and get lots of sleep.
    I hate long flights and I'll be in one pretty soon....I better get prepared:sweatdrop:
  5. I'd definitely board the plane w/o makeup (if you don't mind doing that!) and keep your skin moisturized during the flight....then, a bit before you land, sneak into the bathroom and apply whatever cosmetics you want to wear....
  6. ^ Yes I totally agree with that. Do not wear make up before the flight. You can use a facial cloth (I recommend Ponds) in the middle of the flight to keep your face clean and moisterized.
  7. Moisterizer and hand lotion! Try to get samples of brand moisterizers from dept. stores so you can carry them with you on the plane.
  8. I am such a sight to be seen on flights.

    Take off dirt and grime with MAC Wipes
    Spray on Avene Facial Thermal Spray and pat in
    Use a sheet mask from Olay or SK-II (whitening)
    Take off the mask and spray on the Avene spray again
    Laura Mercier Hydra-Soothing gel mask
    Gently pat face with a tissue
    Sleeping pills to sleep

    Once awake and about an hour to arrival,
    Wipe face with MAC wipes again
    Origins No Puffery eye mask
    Tinted moisturizer
    YSL touche eclat.
  9. Oh, and Elizabeth Arden 8 Hour cream to moisturize lips and where ever that needs hydration.
  10. Wonderful, thank you!

    I just found out; however, that flights from England have restrictions on the amount of product you can take on the plane, which means I'll be running to the bathroom after baggage reclaim to put on my make-up =(

    Thank you for the product suggestions, by the way - I'll go see what I can get hold of!
  11. I'm a frequent traveller inside Europe (and also long haul) so I have to deal with the plastic bag thing :cursing: I always carry: Eight Hour Cream, Eight Hour Hand Cream, Eight Hour lipbalm, a small parfum and a gel for brows and lashes. For long haul flights I add a gel for the eyes.

    A great kit is the Clinique one (buy it at the airport, it comes in travel size).

    If I manage to find some I add a sample of the foundation I use (Estée Lauder) or whichever I can carry, but only if necessary, I never ever wear make up on long-haul flights and I keep on applying cream in hands and face...

    Hope this helps and have a great flight!!! :yes:
  12. great tips :smile:
  13. Samples are a great idea! I am flying to Australia this summer from the US, so I will need these tips. I'll probably take some of those facial cloths, eye cream, moisturizer, and lip balm. Also, tinted moisturizer, concealer, and maybe mascara to put on before landing. I tend to get puffy from flying/driving so I will have to remember to make myself get up and walk around.
  14. lol. I've worried about the exact same thing. I think the best advice would be to not wear any make up on the plane and apply it after you get off the plane (there are often bathrooms by the baggage claim, before customs (or at least I think so, I try to avoid public bathrooms :p) if you need to get your bags to get the make up. In some airports, the area where friends and family wait to pick people up is right after you get through customs, so if you go through customs your boyfriend might see you sans make up :p) You're allowed to bring with you 100ml containers, as long as you put them in a plastic ziplock bag, so if I were you I'd try to get some samples or put what you need in smaller containers so that you'll be allowed to bring it with you on the plane, along with a mirror (you're allowed to bring mirrors, right? :confused1: I've never heard otherwise, but seeing as they wont let you bring a pair of tweezers, I'm not so sure :p)

    Anyway, good luck and have fun!